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How Long Is The Flight To Miami

how long is the flight to miami
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The story behind this photo!!!..................... Must read!
The story behind this photo!!!..................... Must read!
Oh myyyyyy, So my friends and I were beast! lol. So now every hotel or so it seems, you need your room card to operate the elevator... & in our case that really made things difficult for us. I mean for one, we had to dodge security as we walked in, ignoring him as if we were deaf or something. As we got into the elevator we choose the 59 floor. Well again like i said, you need a card to operate it. At that point my friends where like : what the hell forget this place & I mean I had my doubts too. i think at that point no one thougt we'd get to the top. We where on the lobby floor waiting, for someone to come in and take us up not to mention It was a monday night, 1:30 in the morning and the odds really didn't seem in our favor. I mean there was a point when we were there for like five minutes sweating like we played had 30 basketball games & at one point I had to even drag my friend back into the elevator and beg for two more minutes! Boy am I glad I did that! but i honestly have no idea why i did that.... i guess hope. But anyways so After just chilling in the elevator for the longest ten minutes of my life, it started to move! Turns out someone on the 13 floor was trying to go up, and we so happened to be in the elevator that was gonna take him up. So one of my friends is sitting on floor as were riding up to pick up this guy who would eventually be our ticket to the top! well not really...... So the door opens and he enters, and right away we were like yo, could you swipe your card and help us out, being honest with him, saying we just wanted to snap pics and he was cool with it. But He was like: the clicker only goes to my floor, but i mean if you guys are looking for pics try the pool on the 15th floor. So he swiped his card and up two floors we went.... So of corse we were like ya, what the hell, I mean we are here, lets see the view. So we get to the 15th floor and get to the door to the pool you need a card to open the door-____- So as my friends and I are contemplating on what to do, where like mmmmmmm. Lets go to the top. My friends were like ARE you serious? Like you really want to? & I was like what the hell, lets do it! This Condo place has 59 floors! SO MY FRIENDS AND I CLIMBED 44 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS TO GET TO THIS FREAKY MECHANICAL ROOM. So we open the door peep to the left, NOTHING. Peep to the right , Bam I SEE CITY LIGHTS!!!!! So as we walk closer, we notice glass is covering us from getting these shots. I mean it was a great view and everything but it was like being in a huge sun room with these huge windows towering at least 15-20 feet above us! Pissed about that, the fact that we'd climbed 44 flights of of stairs, & the thought of shooting threw a dam window.... hell no. on top of that we were all sweating like crazy, we had to do something. So us being the little explores we are, we looked around and searched that place like "DEA" looking for drugs... We came across this balcony about 15 feet above us and boy where we happy to see a higher point. Despite the scary climb on top of these skinny pipings, to thicker ones, and onto these A/C Steel sheets, and hosting up into this balcony and to another place( james bond stuff i swear) where you could get higher by climbing a latter to this spot! I swear the second I stepped foot off that latter, I got the chills down my spine. I mean, I know, no-one has ever been here, seen this view aside from the people that made this place! I felt some accomplished! It is beautiful I tell you... Or as you could see! I love everything about this picture from the leading lines of the yellow lights, the leading down the buildings, to the globe like view! If you don't know what I mean by how this looks like a globe. Oh well, john does hahah. Hope you guys like this photo, I love it!
Had a Bad Day…well, not all of it…
Had a Bad Day…well, not all of it…
I just got back from presenting at the TransOhio conference. The trip was a ‘trip’! How do I begin?!!! Ok, I am typically late for everything I am apart of so it was no surprise that I had to rush into the airport only to wait in long lines served by ONE attendant. Did I say “ONE” attendant? I meant to say “ONE and ONLY ONE” attendant! The line for security was moving at the same rate of stock invested in a warehouse full of Milli Vanilli 8 track tapes on Beta. The TSA agents seemed a little over-friendly with me it seemed. But that was not the end of that… Since there is no straight flight from Orlando to Ohio I had a layover in Charlotte. The first plane I boarded emitted thick mists from the ceiling of the cabin. If there was going to be a live concert in flight, this would not have been as alarming. As passengers we just looked at each other with wide eyes and nervous smiles. Once I arrived in Charlotte the connecting flight failed to show at the gate. After many promises and 90 minutes we were told that we would have to find hotels and catch a morning flight leaving at 7AM. I arrived at the hotel after 12AM and was told the shuttle would be leaving at 5:30AM. So this meant I had to wake up at 4AM to start my make up…enough said! The 7AM departure time turned into an 8AM departure time. Repairing makeup became my past time. Also found that I was obviously keeping many of the married men with children deeply concerned about my whereabouts. They insisted on locating me every opportunity while adjusting in their seats. Since there was no escaping an angry mob of wives from the back of the plane, I resigned not to even smile back politely. I arrived in Ohio with only an hour or so before I had to deliver my seminar. I attempted mass transit but on a Sunday busses where rare. So I caught a cab and things started to go much smoother. I arrived on time and met with one of the coordinators who asked if I could moderate a second session. I gladly accepted and had a great time of sharing, laughing, and loving. All of this changed as I had to turn around and go back to the dreaded airport. Now my connecting flight was in Miami which over shoots Orlando. The flight was an hour late and crowded. Winking pilots made me feel ill at ease. If they cannot identify a man in a dress what else would they fail to identify on this flight?! Oh, did I mention as I stepped from the plane onto the transport it drop about a foot from an axel breaking? At this point I just marched on as if nothing happened. Of course the Miami connection was delayed by over an hour to Orlando. But the bad day did not stop there. I could not find my vehicle in the 4 story parking lot. After schlepping my luggage for 40 minutes through 3 stories of cars, I found it with the use of the panic alarm. And if you are cynical you would have guessed the next circumstance: a flat tire! Now I am attempting to change a tire within the four story airport parking lot at 2AM en femme!!! What did I do to anger the gods?!!! Fortunately a young airport worker saw me in distress and helped me. Well, really he just took over for me and did the major work. I slept for 2 days afterwards. Ok sisters, can you beat that one? LOL! But it was all worth the smiles and love I found. I do believe I helped to transform lives, which is why I was there.

how long is the flight to miami