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cheap flight to denmark
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  • (Cheap flights) A low-cost carrier or low-cost airline (also known as a no-frills, discount or budget carrier or airline) is an airline that generally has lower fares.
  • The Denmark Amtrak station is a train station in Denmark, South Carolina, United States served by Amtrak, the national railroad passenger system. It was originally used by the Seaboard Air Line and the Southern Railway.
  • a constitutional monarchy in northern Europe; consists of the mainland of Jutland and many islands between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea
  • Denmark (; Danmark, , archaic: ), officially the Kingdom of Denmark (Danish: ) together with Greenland and the Faroe Islands, is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe.
  • A country in northwestern Europe, on the Jutland peninsula, between the North and the Baltic seas; pop. 5,400,000; capital, Copenhagen; official language, Danish
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Conquered, Not Defeated: Growing Up in Denmark During the German Occupation of World War II
Conquered, Not Defeated: Growing Up in Denmark During the German Occupation of World War II
On the morning of April 9, 1940, Peter Tveskov awoke to the roar of airplanes flying low overhead—more airplanes than he’d ever heard or seen before. The invasion leading to the five-year German occupation of Denmark had begun. The Occupation was a dark and difficult time for the Danish people, but for five-year-old Peter, it was an exciting adventure that would in many ways shape both his future and that of his beloved country.
In Conquered, Not Defeated, Peter Tveskov blends vivid childhood memories with historical fact to tell the story of how the occupying army of the Third Reich tried—and ultimately failed—to crush the customs, will, and spirit of the Danish people. It is a story not often told nor easily forgotten. Includes 12 pages of rare photographs.

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Our Tropical Crop Production class had a field trip to the Grontorvet (Green Market) because we couldn't afford a day flight to the tropics. We checked out the massive warehouse where a lot of Copenhagen's vegetables, flowers and fruit is purchased by grocers, then sold to the public. It was amazing to see how cheap things were here - for instance one bouquet of tulips was 2,75 DKK ($0.50 CAD). In the stores this would go for around 30 DKK ($6 CAD)
During a walk near Moen in Denmark we saw tens of thousands of these little toads jumping through the forest!

cheap flight to denmark
cheap flight to denmark
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