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  • Air India (??? ??????) is a state-owned flag carrier of the Republic of India. It operates a fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft serving Asia, Europe and North America. It is India's oldest and largest airline.
  • FC Air India, found in 1952, is an Indian professional football club based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They are sponsored by Air India under the management of T.K. Singh and have enjoyed some success in the Maharashtrian Football and the NFL India. They play in the I-League and Mumbai Super Division.
  • Indian Airlines or Indian (?????? ???????? or ??????) is a major Indian airline based in Mumbai and focuses primarily on domestic routes, along with several international services to neighbouring countries in Asia.
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284 - Taj Bat
284 - Taj Bat
23/4/11 Taj Bat - Well not in the Taj Mahal but at thr bloke that had it built's fort across the river. So doen the Taj and Agra Fort in one day and it was the hottest day so far since I've been in India and also just about the longest. Set out for train at 6 in morning and got back to house at 11 at night - inbetween so many things. Travelled 2nd class non AC on train which is the lowest class on that train so in witht he normal peolple and was not too bad, had small boy sat on me as he slowly migrated off his mother sat next to me and another project worker sat other side of me so jammed in middle - it started to warm up. Saw the lovey flat plains of Utter Pradesh going past, they seemed to go on forever strectching without relief into the distance - feild after field of wheet. Many slums whoosh passed with their inhabitants doing their early morning toilet by the rail tracks without a care in the world. Saw wild monkeys, cranes, water buffalo and this bat that I have no idea what sort as their are 112 different species in India. Agra is just a massive scrum when the train arrives as the touts and guides are in full flight. Got tangled up with one guy who we ended up agreeing to have for the whole day, 8 hours, so transport for us all day - I was a little uneasy about agreeing to it but Erica,the project worker from Canada, wanted to have him. Was even more uneasy when he led us to a car to be introduced to two more guys who drove us away. Needn't have worried as the guide was fantastic and helped us no end all day long incuding the selling stops at the 'genuine' descendants of the original Taj stone masons and a carpet factory that wasnt a factory at all and shown round by a guy who had chewed far to many Betel nut and was off the planet - I didnt buy but Erica did buy an over priced semi precious in-laid marble elephant. The guide got us into the Taj quickly past the vast queues of Indians - thats what happens when you pay tourist rate or 750 rupees for a ticket ather than the 20 ruppees that Indian nationals do. It was a whistle stop tour of the wonder of the world and was a blur really as it was so hot you just had to keep moving to get to shade - the queue to get inside the building itself stretched all the way round it, half in shade half in sun. Once inside you you join the maelstrom as you are forced round by the shear weight of numbers and a loudly shouting old man, to be ejected a couple of minutes later back into the sun. It was nice... a beautiful, amazing, incredible etc etc, is there a verb that hasnt been used to describe the Taj Mahal and I cant really do it justice. I do have one word though - underwhelmed! Its not that it isnt a great place but I just feel that its a little over-hyped, over visited (probably 10,000 people there with us), there isnt a lot there and I enjoyed the Agra Fort a lot more as it is just as incredible only 10 times bigger - the hareme there held 5000 women! It Was probably the hottest day in the sun and seemed to go on for ever with no rest apart from an hour in a restaurant but eventually we were taken back to the railway station at nearly six so we had been out with the guide and the diver for nearly eight hours which was enough but they earned their money and deftly squeezed tip. We had been slightly conned but not hugely and only for a few quid but we had also been looked after so it was worth the extra cost even if they are masters at the game of tourist spinning. The rail station is total chaos and full of disabled or not beggars, sacks of unknown merchandise, people asleep on the platform, walk bridge, sacks or just about everywhere, holy men with no teeth, tourists, families, or just about everyone. A nice young chap smiled for me to take his photo and then I realised he had a rather funny coloured plastic foot - fleeced for 1 ruppee, thats ok. growled at by a hilarious beggar girl because I could speak more mad than she could so she bared her teeth and growled - she was lovely but totally bonkers for money purposes - she got nothing. Met an Indian girl from London who we talked to for an hour, made friends with then she got on her train - no idea what her name was. All the electronic boards said our train would be on platform 3 and everyone else said 2. It was platform two and we had to run to get to our carriage, it was a very long train. Journey home was hot and cramped, we shared our seats with a Tamil family, I got talking to some young guys who offered me a cigarette - good job I have given up as a soldier came along and carted one of them off, he returned minus 100 rupees - smoking is banned on the train. Had a cup of railway chai - it had a piece of plastic and an insect in, all the time these workers walk up and down shouting tea, coffee, tomato soup, different foods, water, sodas and lastly near the end or the journey - Taj Mahal souvenir sweets in case anybody had forgotten. Saw fields on fire in the dark, stood by the open door of the train
289 - Put It Where?
289 - Put It Where?
18/4/11 Put It Where? - The fruit and veg wholesale market at Okhla. As soon as I git my camera out they all wanted a photo so had to take a few then scarper quick before I caused too much commotion and maybe lose my camera, not likely but best to be a little safe sometimes. Anyway its much better when people dont pose, these guys were like this before I turned camera on them. Proud cucumber sellers who I think were saying 'You want buy little cucumber'. The market is huge but all the sellers have inched their way forward from the original place behind so now there is little space to walk and get the 3-wheeler vans down to deliver or pick up produce. Massive piles of leaves from cut & tidied vegetables everywhere, hundreds of different types and varieties of everything and a giddying number of chillies of so many colours, sizes and shapes. This market is where nearly all my food comes from whether its cooked in the house or bought on the street. A proper busy, bustling and vibrant market like I've seen in films and just fantastic to be amongst. Ended up in the market after success at finally buying rail tickets to go see the Taj Mahal next Saturday. I have no idea how the rail system works at all in India but it does. For a start there is the worst slum outside the front of the station and, after yesterday's rain, a huge stinking, filthy, muddy puddle across the entrance - I took a photo but thought it too negative compared to the veg sellers. Inside you have to fight your way to a window to get a form to fill in by hand with details that seem impossible to find out in the station. Take form back to same window, another bun fight to get to front, so that the man can say whether seats are available, then take form to another queue for another window where you wait and fight for you place gain only more orderly this time. More orderly due to the presence of armed soldiers I think, saw one guy carted off for getting shirty with the ticket seller. Once you get to the window, and get your form through the gap before somebody else pushed theirs through, the ticket seller then seems to take for ever entering every bit of info on the form into an aging computer, your name, address, age, gender, train name & number, time, destination, class, quota and then the same for return journey. All in all it took an hour in the office to buy three train tickets but it cost us less than we thought - a lot less, about ?3 for a three hour train journey. Outside we asked the soldiers if the tickets were right, they didnt speak a word of English but a nice Sikh man stepped in to help. Turns out they were wrong - from the wrong station but actually nearer than the one we asked for. Also wrong class as we asked for Air Con Chair class and tickets are for 2nd class. That was why they wee so cheap. Decided it was too much bother to fight for space at a window again and we did want to experience India for real. My little deaf friend, Daksh, wasnt in class today. His mum brought him in when she picked his brother up. He had been playing Spiderman and jumped off the bed in his small shack of a home and smacked his teeth into a table - his gums were bruised black and his front teeth wobbly - ouch! Proud of his injury he was still smiling.

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