High order low pass filter. Purolator oil filter application chart

High Order Low Pass Filter

high order low pass filter
    pass filter
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high order low pass filter - Sony CDX-GT700HD
Sony CDX-GT700HD In-Dash CD Receiver MP3/WMA/AAC Player with HD Radio
Sony CDX-GT700HD In-Dash CD Receiver MP3/WMA/AAC Player with HD Radio
Sony CDX-GT700HD In-Dash CD Receiver MP3/WMA/AAC Player with HD Radio

Enhance your digital listening pleasure with the CDX-GT700HD, featuring HD Radio reception with iTunes tagging. Feature packed, the receiver can also connect, charge, and control your iPod, iPhone, Walkman player, or other digital music players with USB 1-Wire.

Enhance your digital listening pleasure with the CDX-GT700HD. Click to enlarge.

Front panel USB port and auxiliary input.

Selectable green/blue illumination.
Detachable Faceplate
The CDX-GT700HD's flip-down, detachable faceplate features a two-line LCD display and selectable blue/green control illumination.
Integrated HD Radio Receiver
Experience more choices, crystal clear sound, and no subscription fees. Enjoy music the way it was meant to be heard with AM stations that can deliver FM sound quality and FM stations that sound like your favorite CDs.
iTunes Tagging
Make the most of your HD Radio listening experience with integrated iTunes tagging support. Simply 'TAG' the desired song and preview/purchase it later using iTunes.
USB 1-Wire for iPod, iPhone, and Other USB Devices
USB 1-Wire lets you directly connect, charge, and control your digital music player via the USB jack in the front of the unit, as well as view metadata like song title and artist on the front display.
Quick-Browzer Technology With Jump Mode and ZAPPIN Features
Quick-BrowZer lets you search and select songs by category, including artist, album, genre, or playlist. Jump Mode gets you closer to the song you want by allowing you to fast forward through a music category in 10 percent increments. With Zappin, you can play music in six-, nine-, or 30-second clips until you find the song you're looking for.
Passenger Control With iPod Display Function
Passenger Control lets your co-pilot control your iPod via a connected wire as they scan through your music, artist and album information, conveniently shown on the receiver display.
MP3/WMA/AAC Playback With DM+
Multi-format playback lets you play CDs, CD-Rs, or CD-RWs loaded with hundreds of MP3, AAC, or WMA songs. Hear the music on your recorded CDs and MP3s in their original vibrancy with DM+ (Digital Music Plus), an original Sony codec enhancer that reproduces detailed and high-frequency sound from compressed audio.
Satellite Radio Ready
The CDX-GT700HD integrates seamlessly with satellite radio Sony Bus adaptors (sold separately) so you can receive digital satellite radio broadcasts.
EQ3 Stage 2
Customize the sound with Sony's EQ3 feature, which includes 7 preset tone curves and a 3-band equalizer.
Power and Room to Grow
The CDX-GT700HD delivers 52 Watts through four channels, and features 2V front/rear/sub preamp outputs. A built-in LPF (Low Pass Filter) and HPF (High Pass Filter) work to deliver overall better sound.
What's in the Box
Sony CDX-GT700HD Receiver, Installation Hardware, User's Manual

75% (5)
A 3D render of a Votrax board I designed.

high order low pass filter
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