What Is The Best Oil Filter

what is the best oil filter
    oil filter
  • a filter that removes impurities from the oil used to lubricate an internal-combustion engine
  • A cartridge-filled canister placed in an engines lubricating system to strain dirt and abrasive materials out of the oil.
  • An oil filter is a filter to remove contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil. Oil filters are used in many different types of hydraulic machinery.
    what is
  • What Is is the eighth album by guitarist/vocalist Richie Kotzen.
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The Nightmare called Ruckel
The Nightmare called Ruckel
I had the opportunity the past two months to have many of my images pitched for a very big project for Canon in Japan. As part of this presentation I was asked to remove the images that were being pitched from my website and Flickr. I got news today that the project is not moving forward this year and as a result, I need to slowly work these images back into my photostream. These were some of my favorite images and to be honest, I am glad I get to bring them back, so if you see an image and think, hey...that looks familiar then that is probably why. I learned quite a lot during this experience about exclusivity and had to go on a mission trying to find where on the internet my images were being used and get those removed as well. One image, that I will share later, had actually made it's way onto a well known website where they offer images for download for the purpose of editing or adding to them creatively. You can imagine my surprise when I found one of my favorite waterfall images, right here on flickr, with a mermaid photo-shopped onto one of the rocks in my foreground. At first I was pretty pissed, but in the end it was funny and before I made them remove the image, I downloaded it for a future post. :) Anyway, if you have not seen this image before and you are wondering about the title, I have placed the original story down below for those of you that want some light reading. Happy waterfall Wednesday! So here's the story: :) Before this weekend I had not visited this PNW gem, Ruckel creek falls. It's no secret that I won't be trying out for any fitness weekly competitions this month but I can keep up on most hikes with the best of them. Just because I SOUND like a asthmatic horse who just tried to compete in the Kentucky derby doesn't mean I am actually getting my ass kicked. Besides...I recover quickly. :) I met up with Don, Zeb, Dani, Matt, Kathy and her husband Wayne for a early morning hike and as usual forgot my water. I realized this about a half mile into the hike when the incline of the trail went from Wahkeenalike to WTF in very short order. Halfway up the trail Zeb proclaimed it to be the last of the switchbacks. 10 more switchbacks later and we finally reached the top. I took a few breaks to make sure everyone was doing okay. :) I didn't want anyone to get too tired. When we finally reached the top, no one knew where the trail was. Kathy pulled a picture out of her pocket of a mossy rock and said this was the marker for the trail. I did a quick sweep of the area and saw at least 7 or 8 mossy rocks. We're screwed I thought. Zeb ran around for about 10 minutes with the rock photo in his hand before finally finding the trail. Earlier on the trail we had discussed and spotted poison oak along the sides of the trail. Now we had to cross an entire field of it. No problem. lol It was at this point that the effects of Poison oak were explained to me. Now, I had always thought it just made you itch really bad. Okay I thought, I can deal with that if I have too. Unfortunately, ignorance is not always bliss and I was told that poison oak actually creates boils that fill with fluid and fester. What? A freaking fluid filled boil is bad enough...then is has to freaking fester? Oh hell no. I made it through the field and didn't fall down. I did however get my tripod all in the poison oak. Great. Finally we make it to the top of the trail. We get to go downhill now! Wait a minute....that means we have to come back up! The trail down in comprised of two things...loose rock and slick clay. It sucked, but we made it. Everyone told me not to touch my face or arms after touching my tripod but I was sweating buckets when I got there and there were flying bugs everywhere. This area is also known to have a decent amount of ticks and I hate the thought of getting a tick so I was constantly wiping my head face & neck. I couldn't help but think about how freaking sweet it would be to have festering fluid filled boils, severe itching and blood sucking bugs burrowing into my skin all at the same time. Fast forward to after we made it out of this nightmare..... After saving Don from a tick just as it was about to have lunch on his neck, I got on my phone and started looking at boil images. Nice. When we got back into town we stopped and bought a scrub to treat and eliminate poison oak oil. I drove 100mph to Zeb's house so I could hop in the shower. One of the ticks made it all the way to Zeb's house but didn't get either of us. Sorry Wendy! :) I didn't even bother to read how much of this scrub I was supposed to use, I just used it all. I don't know if I have ever been that clean. I mean, I had to have gone through at least 4 layers of skin. 2 hours later we started our workshop and about an hour into it my entire head, face and neck was on fire. The midday sun was playing tricks on me and I could swear I saw a rash developing on my thumb. In the end, I think it was a combination of the sun, the medicin
northern ireland trophy (ripped off) lost and betrayed (finally)---HALF A MONTH
northern ireland trophy (ripped off) lost and betrayed (finally)---HALF A MONTH
when days become scorned and wished upon. THE DAYS OF NUMBERS part I day 1. i waited. again, for hours and hours to see. no blind spots, no landmarks. no. day 2. discovered the destruction of nuts and bone-parts. heard another one of those field-research records. recorded it. i have it all on tape. fear. day 3. you wonder why there is so much left of it. day 4. he fell in love. day 5. he unwrapped a pack. confused, light-hearted. wrapping it again. opening the closet and buying new clothes. when one mind is not enough, the other follows. went to the pet store. looked at cages. decided to leave, thinking about you. wishing on a star, maybe the world could be apart. maybe we dont wake up tomorrow. day 6. woke up early. went to bed again. day 7. see day 5, only this time approved. went to the shopping mall, spilled money on the floor. littered. got arrested and drunk. back home i fell asleep naked in front of the fridge. felt refreshed to write some new essays. published them in leather-bounded fronts. made an appointment at the dentist. washed for an hour just to feel the need. left for an hour just to feel the leave. didnt came back home, fell asleep in the adult cinema. got mugged. maced the whole place, went shopping again, to increase taxes. rode taxi again, to feel closer. took a look at the edge. i didnt really see what was going on, i lost interest. went to bed in a suit, to get up extra-early. day 8 forgot to shower. brushed. cleaned my mess, messed with the best. lost. punished the winners. then lost again. feeling a bit like yesterday but a decade older. seeing a bit of yesteryear but much colder. created some turbulence forgot the reason why. years and years and years. got attacked by a bunch of seconds, practiced cold shoulder. day 9. feeling fine. day 10. went to church. in holyfield. inglewood. rode down western avenue. some ladies. got taken care of for a while. feeling like christmas again, unwrapping presents. wrapping them again. i didnt order that, sir. i wont pay for it. somebody gots to pay. cheered the customer! day eleven. 7 more days to come till the end of my world. day twelve. woke around at noon, shooped. breakfast. at sunday?s. eating icecream. feeling sick. my stomach, all that is left is my stomach. some parts missing. back to western again. forgot the way, called a cab. hopped in the cab, mate. went to england, from inglewood. just for some drinks. the plane was a bit uncomfortable, didnt seem to suit me. fell asleep at the wheel. woke up in denver, colorado. cant recall what went down there. wanted to hitch-hike to vegas. got picked up. back home again. day 12. one more day to feel mad about. day thirteen. looked up some numbers from the past. i wanted the drama, wanted the classic feel of an unhappy ending. didnt return the video-rentals from yesterday once more just to see them once more again. they suckerd anyway, but what doesnt? hanging at the windows, bitchin?. calling some of them punks. calling some of them spirits. got drunk again. got picked up, went to western avenue. i had a killer shirt on. called some of them punks pigs. got exciting. got bad. unhappy ending. thought of the numbers i dialed in the morning. felt like tomorrow. felt familiar as happened before, as read about in the past, as having seen it all before, having heard of it through the grapevine. murmurs. whispers, i knew about this, it felt so close. day 14. apologized, called the wrong numbers. called the wrong numbers again. got on a date. totally blew it. got sick, felt my head. out of hospital, back to the spot. it will all make sense. will you see me again. i dont feel the need, baby. i dont feel the need. got slapped. slept on a bench. felt the need, baby. felt the need. day 15 applied for a day-job. rode around for hours, pumped oil as i pumped blood. felt a bit blue. a dream came true. can?t recall it. rode around again. listened to the radio and some old tapes, i stole from a friend. called a friend. no one?s home. went to bed early to sleep extra late, got up again extra late that day to not sleep at night.

what is the best oil filter
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