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Hayward Star Clear Cartridge Filter

hayward star clear cartridge filter
    cartridge filter
  • A device often used for single faucet water treatment, made up of a housing and a removable cartridge (element). In residential filtering systems, disposable elements are used.
  • A pool or spa water filter that uses a replaceable porous element made of paper or polyester.
  • Uses a cylinder of material (usually pleated) through which a solution passes leaving the contaminants on one side of the material and cleaner water on the other.  Cartridge filters come with many different pore sizes; larger pore size allows larger contaminants through the material.
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hayward star clear cartridge filter - Hayward C17502
Hayward C17502 Star-Clear Plus 175-Square-Foot Cartridge Filter
Hayward C17502 Star-Clear Plus 175-Square-Foot Cartridge Filter
The Hayward Star Clear filters water like there's no tomorrow! Convenient reusable polyester pool filter cartridge provides up to 175 sq. ft. of heavy duty dirt-holding capacity for extra-long filtration cycles. Simply remove the filter cartridge and rinse with a garden hose when it becomes dirty. Durable filter tank is constructed of Perma-Glas XL, a glass reinforced copolymer, for the ultimate in strength, durability and long life. Includes pressure indicator gauge, manual air relief valve and convenient single lock knob to secure the filter tank.

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New Jandy Install
New Jandy Install
This picture show you one version of an equipment pad, clearly the installer had half a brain by installing the energy bowl AFTER the filter.... You would be surprised :) but hey what's the difference between the high and low bidder anyways lol
What not to do: Plumb a chlorinator inline with spa jets
What not to do: Plumb a chlorinator inline with spa jets
Bottom line we have a pool builder here who doesn't keep an eye on their employees work.

hayward star clear cartridge filter
hayward star clear cartridge filter
Hayward C2251540LSS Micro Star Clear Pool Filter System
Easy-Clear & Micro Clear full-flo element filters are designed specifically for aboveground pools of all sizes. Manufactured from high-density ABS materials, Easy-Clear will provide years of trouble-free operation. Performance-matched with the Power-Flo LX pump series; they will turnover 24,000 gallons in an eight hour period, easily handling a 24 ft. round above-ground pool. Easy-Clear filters are mounted on a rugged filter base and use a special reinforced polyester cartridge engineered to provide superior water clarity with minimal care. Easy-Lok lid access design provides simple entry to service the cartridge element. Built-in check valve prevents accidental loss of pool water when cartridge is being removed for cleaning. Unique safety-catch prevents over tightening of the cover and unwanted entry into the filter. Cartridge element is uniquely designed of high quality reinforced polyester and a molded center core for easy cleaning, high flows and long life. Union connection allows pump or filter to be removed quickly and easily for servicing systems

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