Butterworth Filter Image Processing

butterworth filter image processing
    butterworth filter
  • A filter network that exhibits the flattest possible response in its passband. The response is monotonic, rolling off smoothly at the rate of 6dB per octave, per pole.
  • The Butterworth filter is a type of signal processing filter designed to have as flat a frequency response as possible in the passband so that it is also termed a maximally flat magnitude filter.
    image processing
  • The alteration or manipulation of images that have been scanned or captured by a digital recording device.
  • The analysis and manipulation of a digitized image, esp. in order to improve its quality
  • enhancing and manipulating an image, such as by adjusting its size, resolution, or color palette.
  • In electrical engineering and computer science, image processing is any form of signal processing for which the input is an image, such as a photograph or video frame; the output of image processing may be either an image or, a set of characteristics or parameters related to the image.
butterworth filter image processing - Digital Image
Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB, 2nd ed.
Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB, 2nd ed.
Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB is the first book to offer a balanced treatment of image processing fundamentals and the software principles used in their implementation. The book integrates material from the leading text, Digital Image Processing by Gonzalez and Woods, and the Image Processing Toolbox from The MathWorks, Inc., a leader in scientific computing. The Image Processing Toolbox provides a stable, well-supported software environment for addressing a broad range of applications in digital image processing. A unique feature of the book is its emphasis on showing how to enhance those tools by developing new code. This is important in image processing, an area that normally requires extensive experimental work in order to arrive at acceptable application solutions. Some Highlights: (1) This new edition is an extensive upgrade of the book. (2) Over 120 new MATLAB image processing functions are developed, a 40 % increase over existing functions in the Image Processing Toolbox. (3) Algorithms and MATLAB functions in the mainstream of digital image processing are discussed and implemented, including: Intensity transformations; spatial filtering; fuzzy image processing; filtering in the frequency domain; image restoration and reconstruction; geometric transformations and image registration; color image processing; wavelets; image and video compression; morphology; image segmentation; image representation and description; and object recognition. (4) In addition to a major revision of the topics from the first edition, features in this edition include new coverage of: The Radon transform; image processing functions based on function-generating functions (function factories); geometric transformations; image registration; color profiles and device-independent color conversions; functions for video compression; adaptive thresholding algorithms; new image features, including minimum-perimeter polygons and local (corner) features.

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SEGA OutRun "top" board
SEGA OutRun "top" board
Notes: • 68000 - Clock Input 10.000MHz [40/4] • Z80A - Clock Input 4.000MHz [16/4] • YM2151 - Yamaha YM2151 FM Operator Type M (OPM) Sound Generator IC. Clock Input 4.000MHz [16/4] • YM3012 - Yamaha YM3012 2-Channel Serial Input Floating Point Digital to Analog Convertor (DIP16) • TMM2063 - Toshiba TMM2063 8kx8 SRAM (NDIP28) • TMM2115 - Toshiba TMM2115 2kx8 SRAM (NDIP24) • TL084 - Texas Instruments TL084 Quad JFET-Input General-Purpose Operational Amplifier (DIP14) • LM324 - National Semiconductor LM324 Low Power Quad Operational Amplifier (DIP14) • MP7633JN - Exar Corporation MP7633JN 15V CMOS 10-Bit Multiplying Digital-to-Analog Converter (DIP16) • • • Also equivalent to National Semiconductor DAC1022LCN and AD7520JN / AD7530JN • MF6CN-50 - National Semiconductor MF6CN-50 6th Order Switched Capacitor Butterworth Lowpass Filter (DIP14) • 5.5V_0.1F - 0.1 Farad Super Cap for Capacitor Backed RAM • 4066 - NEC D74HC4066 Quad Bilateral Switch (DIP14) • MB3771 - Fujitsu MB3771 Master Reset IC (DIP8) • J - 10 Pin Connector for 5V Input and GND • N - 6 Pin Connector for Unamplified Stereo Sound Output • P - 4 Pin Connector (not used) • A/B/C - 50 Pin Connectors (x3) for joining CPU Board to Video Board • 315-5155 - Sega custom PAL (Road Bit Extraction) (DIP20) • 315-5195 - Sega Memory Mapper IC (in PGA package) • 315-5218 - Sega PCM Sound Controller IC (QFP100). • • • Clock input 16.000MHz on pin 80 • • • Clock outputs: pin 2 - 4.000MHz, pin 80 - 500.000kHz, pin 89 - 62.500KHz • 315-5222 - Signetics PLS153N (Road Mixing) (DIP20) • 315-5223A - Signetics CK2605 (DIP20) • 315-5224 - Signetics CK2605 (DIP20) • 315-5225 - MMI PAL16R4 (DIP20) • 315-5226 - MMI PAL16R4 (DIP20) Measurements ------------ OSC1 - 39.99967MHz OSC2 - 16.00019MHz ROMs (EPR/MPR) ---- IC88 IC66 IC67 IC68 IC69 IC70 IC71 IC47 IC11 IC58 IC57 IC56 IC76 IC75 IC74 IC118 IC117 IC116 IC133 IC132 IC131 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Out Run 10187 10193 10192 10191 10190 10189 10188 10186 10185 10329 10330 - 10327 10328 - 10382 10383 - 10380 10381 - Super Hang On 10649 10643 10644 10645 10646 - - 10642 - 10790 10791 - 10792 10793 - 10884 10885 - 10886 10887 - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Flash Duration (bad plot)
Flash Duration (bad plot)
I finally have a measurement of the high speed flash! The rolled caps are really taking a toll. The 1/3 to 1/3 intensity is what Edgerton used for his flash duration calculations so I will do the same here - it comes out to 8.5uS which is really not as good as I had hoped. Its still 1 / 117,000th of a second though. EDIT: This plot was made with a photodiode that was probably not fast enough. Please see the neighboring photo for a more accurate measurement.

butterworth filter image processing
butterworth filter image processing
Principles of Digital Image Processing: Fundamental Techniques (Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science)
This easy-to-follow textbook provides a modern, algorithmic introduction to digital image processing, designed to be used both by learners desiring a firm foundation on which to build, and practitioners in search of critical analysis and modern implementations of the most important techniques. It compiles the key elements of digital image processing, starting from the basic concepts and elementary properties of digital images through simple statistics and point operations, fundamental filtering techniques, localization of edges and contours, and basic operations on color images. This reader-friendly text concentrates on practical applications and working implementations, and presents the important formal details and mathematics necessary for a deeper understanding of the algorithms. Implementations are all based on Java and ImageJ. This concise yet comprehensive, reader-friendly text is ideal for undergraduates studying foundation courses as well as ideal for self-study.

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