Homemade Water Filter System : Computer Dust Filter.

Homemade Water Filter System

homemade water filter system
    filter system
  • The combination of a filter and associated hardware required for the filtration process.
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Adjustable lens hood for Cokin P filter system
Adjustable lens hood for Cokin P filter system
The lens hood is made from cardboard and fits over the Cokin P filter holder. The hood can easily be moved forwards and backward on the filter holder and can also be removed with no trouble. This means the lens hood can be moved backwards on wider lenses to avoid vignetting caused by the hood, or moved forward to provide more coverage for longer lenses. The hood is only designed for use with the Cokin P filter system when used with square filters, so it won't work with longer split grad filters. This limitation also affects the official plastic lens hoods available for the Cokin P filter system. Due to the lens hood's ease of movement, it can be knocked off the camera relatively easily, and so is best removed from the camera when walking round with the camera not in use.
Filter system on 55 000lt Pond
Filter system on 55 000lt Pond
3 x 1,1kW pumps, 4 x 4 bag sand filters,1x 3 bag sand filter, 4 x 50lt sealed bio filters, 3 x 25lt sealed bio filters ( with oyster shells)and 2 x 55 watt uv-lights

homemade water filter system
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