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Watch Monsters Ball Online Free

watch monsters ball online free
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  • Monster's Ball is a 2001 drama film directed by Marc Forster, starring Billy Bob Thornton, Halle Berry, Heath Ledger and written by Milo Addica and Will Rokos. It was produced by Lionsgate and Lee Daniels Entertainment.
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watch monsters ball online free - Monster's Ball
Monster's Ball
Monster's Ball

The unflinching realism and searing performances of Monster's Ball are stunning in all the connotations of the word. Hank (Billy Bob Thornton) and Leticia (Halle Berry) inhabit stark, queasy realities of the contemporary South, he as a death row corrections officer and she as the soon-to-be widow of an inmate (Sean Combs) whose execution Hank helps conduct. In the aftermath of the execution, both lose their children to tragic deaths and they form an unlikely bond. In the hands of lesser participants, the fateful plot might strain credibility and seem tailored to allow for liberal sermonizing about the obvious wrongs of our legal justice system, but director Marc Forster and cinematographer Roberto Schaefer balance the contentious nature of the film's issues--the death penalty, racism both overt and subtle, interracial couples--with a flawless attention to character and visual detail that completely convinces. The moral ambiguity of both central characters is given full voice as our sympathy is drawn out reluctantly at first but all the more resolutely in the end. Thornton draws from seemingly limitless resources to deliver yet another outstanding performance, but it is Halle Berry who is a revelation as she sustains throughout the complex tenor of brutality witnessed and raw courage defined. --Fionn Meade

81% (5)
MONSTER BALL TOUR - LADY GAGA Artwork By Me ( Stefano Theseus Colombini ) Photo by me: MONSTER BALL TOUR, PARIS, 22 MAY 2010 BERCY. PHOTOS OF THE SHOW SOON
Lady Gaga's Monster Ball 036
Lady Gaga's Monster Ball 036
"The Monster Ball is a place for my fans... where the freaks are outside. And I LOCK THE FUCKING DOORS."

watch monsters ball online free
watch monsters ball online free
Monster's Ball/"O"
MONSTER'S BALL - Monster's Ball is a hard hitting southern drama tempered by a story of powerful life-changing love. It is the story of Hank (Academy Award Winner, Billy Bob Thornton), an embittered prison guard working on Death Row who begins an unlikely but emotionally charged affair with Leticia (Academy Award Winner, Halle Berry), the wife of a man under his watch on The Row. O - Hot young stars, a hip, driving soundtrack, plus a provocative tale of jealousy and betrayal combine to create this controversial modern-day version of Shakespeare's classic,"Othello." O is Odin James (Mekhi Phifer), the school's star basketball player and future NBA hopeful. He has the adoration of all, including the team's coach (Martin Sheen) and the Dean's beautiful daughter, Desi (Julia Stiles). Odin's troubled friend Hugo (Josh Hartnett), the coach's son, is deeply resentful of his father's preference of Odin on and off the court. When Hugo plots a diabolical scheme to sow the seeds of mistrust between O and Desi, it sets in motion a disturbing chain of events which erupts into a firestorm of breathtaking intensity. "O" is a stunning tale that will stay with you long after its final, powerful frame.

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