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watch merlin episode 12
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  • (Merlin episodes) Merlin is a British television series developed by Julian Jones, Jake Michie, Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps. It began its broadcast on the channel BBC One on 20 September 2008.
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Hanna Barbera ABBOTT & COSTELLO Animation Drawing 1967
Hanna Barbera ABBOTT & COSTELLO Animation Drawing 1967
HANNA BARBERA STUDIOS ABBOTT and COSTELLO Original Animation TELEVISION SERIES 1967 Type: AWESOME Original Production Animation MODEL Drawing of Merlin the evil wizard from the 1967 HANNA BARBERA Animated TELEVISION SERIES This is one of the original Production MODEL (Pencil Drawings) that was used to DESIGN THE ART that appeared under the camera during the production filming of the original Television Commercial. NOTE: THIS IS AN ORIGINAL; NOT A MASS PRODUCED LIMITED EDITION Size: 12 field 12.5 x 10.5 EACH Type: . Vintage Hand Drawn Art Condition: EXCELLENT Featuring ABBOTT and COSTELLO Character Date 1967 NOTES: The Abbott and Costello Cartoon Show is an American half-hour animated series that aired in syndication from September 9, 1967 to June 1, 1968. Each of the 39 individual episodes consisted of four five-minute cartoons. [1] The cartoons were created jointly by Hanna-Barbera, RKO and Jomar Productions between 1965 and 1967. The series was syndicated by Gold Key Entertainment and King World Productions. The primary feature of this cartoon series was the fact that Bud Abbott supplied the voice for his own character. (Because Lou Costello had died in 1959, his character's voice was performed by Stan Irwin.) William (Bud) Abbott and Lou Costello (born Louis Francis Cristillo) performed together as Abbott and Costello, an American comedy duo whose work in radio, film and television made them the most popular comedy team during the 1940s and 50s. Thanks to the endurance of their most popular and influential routine, "Who's on First?"—whose rapid-fire word play and comprehension confusion set the preponderant framework for most of their best-known routines—the team is, as a result, featured in the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. (Contrary to popular belief, however, the duo was not inducted into the Hall.) The team's first known radio appearance was on The Kate Smith Hour in February, 1938. "Who's on First?" was first performed for a national radio audience the following month.[1] Abbott and Costello stayed on the program as regulars for two years, but the similarities between their New Jersey-accented voices made it difficult for listeners (as opposed to stage audiences) to tell them apart due to their rapid-fire repartee. The problem was solved by having Costello affect a high-pitched childish voice, and their remaining tenure on the Smith show was successful enough to get them roles in a Broadway revue "The Streets of Paris" in 1939. In 1940 they were signed by Universal Studios for the film One Night in the Tropics. Cast in supporting roles, they stole the show with several classic routines, including "Who's on First?" The same year they were a summer replacement on radio for Fred Allen. Two years later, they had their own NBC show. Universal signed them to a long-term contract, and their second film, Buck Privates, (1941) made them box-office stars. In most of their films, the plot was a framework for the two comics to reintroduce comedy routines they first performed on stage. Universal also added glitzy, gratuitous production numbers (a formula borrowed from the Marx Brothers comedies) featuring The Andrews Sisters, Ted Lewis and his Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald, and other musical acts. They made 36 films together between 1940 and 1956. Abbott and Costello were among the most popular and highest-paid entertainers in the world during World War II. Other film successes included Hold That Ghost, Who Done It?, Pardon My Sarong, The Time of Their Lives, Buck Privates Come Home, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, and Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man. In 1942, Abbott and Costello were the top box office draw with a reported take of $10 million. They would remain a top ten box office attraction until 1952. In 1951, they moved to television as rotating hosts of The Colgate Comedy Hour. (Eddie Cantor and Martin and Lewis were among the others.) Each show was a live hour of vaudeville in front of a theater audience, revitalizing the comedians' performances and giving their old routines a new sparkle. Beginning in 1952, a filmed half-hour series, The Abbott and Costello Show, appeared in syndication on local stations across the country. Loosely based on their radio series, the show cast the duo as unemployed wastrels. One of the show's running gags involved Abbott perpetually nagging Costello to get a job to pay their rent, while Abbott barely lifted a finger in that direction. The show featured Sidney Fields as their landlord, and Hillary Brooke as a friendly neighbor who sometimes got involved in the pair's schemes. Another semi-regular was Joe Besser as Stinky, a 40-year-old sissy dressed in a Little Lord Fauntleroy suit. Gordon Jones was Mike the cop, who always lost patience with Lou. The simple plotlines were often merely an excuse to recreate old comedy routines—including "Who's on First?" and other familiar set pi
Marie Vattier 3/6 - les champs de soleil
Marie Vattier 3/6 - les champs de soleil
Episode 3 La journee des saisonniers commencait a 6h du matin. Merie les attendait dans la cuisine et leur servait un copieux petit dejeuner. Puis, ils partaient travailler en prenant la musette qu'elle leur avait prepare pour la collation. Pendant le petit dejeuner on ne disait rien attendant d'avoir franchi la porte pour parler des taches du jour. Un mur a redresser, les legumes a desherber ou a cueillir, les foins a faire, les betes a nettoyer et a rassembler avant leur depart pour l'abattoir. Le vieil Antoine supervisait souvent les travaux et Marie passait leur apporter le dejeuner. On mangeait a l'ombre d'un arbre en discutant des champs et des tarvaux. Parfois un voisin passait et on partageait un coup de rouge tous ensemble. Les travaux reprenaient l'apres midi. Quand le clocher sonnait 18 heures, les hommes s'arretaient ramassaient et allaient ranger les outils. Puis se retiraient dans leur appartement amenage dans la grange , se lavaient et se changeaient et reapparaissaient a 19heures 30 pour le souper que Marie leur servait a la cuisine. A la fin du repas elle s'asseyait avec eux pour discuter autour d'une tisane. C'ets ainsi que Marie apprit que les deux hommes etaient russes et avait quitte leur garnison a Budapest quelques annees auparavant. Ils etaient 6 deserteurs et voulaient voir l'Europe, Paris et la mer. Le groupe s'etait disperse au cours du voyage, un s'etait marie a Bruxelles, 2 avaient achete une blanchisserie a Paris et un avait disparut sans laisser d'explication du cote d'Angers. Grigor et Petr allaient vers le sud en passant 6 mois ici et 6 mois la. L'hiver d'avant ils avaient travaille sur un chantier a Bordeaux ou ils avaient rencontre Federico. Ils parlaient un rancais assez sommaire et avec un fort accent et Marie, avec tendresse et patience, les reprenait et leur apprenait a mieux parler. Quelquefois les deux hommes allaient diner et boire un coup dehors mais rarement. Ces fois la, Marie ne posait pas de questions. Le dimanche, ils partaient en ballade, prenaient le bus ou prenait le velo de Charles et celui qu'Antoine leur avait prete et ne rentrait qu'a la nuit. Marie etait heureuse de ces etrangers a la maison. Elle retrouvait non seulement la joie de faire vivre la ferme et de preparer la cuisine pour les autres, mais elle trouvait aussi leur presence tres agreable et elle se surprenait souvent a rire avec eux et a plaisanter comme une gamine, a jouer avec le tuyau d'arrosage ou a courser un agneau rebelle tous les trois. Et parler autant, se raconter, se confier et recevoir des confidences en retour, elle ne l'avait pas fait depuis la mort de Charles. Modeles: Fredylajoie, Tim et moi meme Sim= Arcachon

watch merlin episode 12
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