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Cheap Airfare Tickets

cheap airfare tickets
    cheap airfare
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Arriving Florida
Arriving Florida
Marna found a cheaper airfare by flying into Fort Lauderdale, Florida so that was our destination out of Denver, CO. Ft. Lauderdale is about an hour away from West Palm Beach, FL. That actually works really well since travel tends to be pretty taxing on Paige. After claiming our bags (which came out first), we headed over to the rental car station, and then off to West Palm Beach, FL. Paige slept the entire trip. After checking into our room, we did a quick scouting out of the grounds. There's a few buildings, and a number of pools. Access to the beach is also just out back. Although it was pretty windy this afternoon (as this video shows), the blue water and soft sand was quite the contrast from the snowy Colorado of the morning hours. There were also a ton of shells on the beach, which Paige loves. Just a side note again, that I'm still getting used to this camera, and not knowing for sure where the microphone was, led to really bad audio at times. More practice is definitely in order. After a short trip to the beach, we headed to the nearest restaurant for dinner - and it was packed! The wait time was an hour, but there's nothing else particularly close. This won't matter for most of the week, as we have a kitchen in the room and will be going grocery shopping tomorrow. Rather than wait, we found a seat at one of the tables in the bar area. The food proved to be spectacular! There were also vendors along the dock. As Paige was such a good girl all day, we rewarded her with a quick dip in the pool. I'm sure more of that will be in store for tomorrow as well. And what comes after that? Well, we have a few ideas, but I'll leave the details for later.
The Point of No Return
The Point of No Return
Our cheap airfare to Karkow secured us a spot in Schiphol's "H Terminal." Have a closer look at the sign - no bathrooms, no restaurants, no chairs... Nothing but a cramped little room.

cheap airfare tickets