Low Cost International Flights

low cost international flights
    international flights
  • (international flight) a flight that takes off in one country and lands in another
  • (International Flight) Flying abroad is not difficult as one just need to select the destination and search the flight with the help of internet. There are various travel portals which offer very good services on web.
  • aircraft flights through the airspace of more than one state.
    low cost
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Midway International Airport, Chicago DSC 0595
Midway International Airport, Chicago DSC 0595
Chicago Midway International Airport (IATA: MDW, ICAO: KMDW, FAA LID: MDW), also known simply as Midway Airport or Midway, is an airport in Chicago, Illinois, United States, located on the city's southwest side, eight miles (13 km) from Chicago's Loop. The airport's current IATA code MDW has been in use since it was implemented in 1949 when Chicago Municipal Airport was renamed Chicago Midway Airport.[3] It is bordered by 55th Street, Cicero Avenue (terminal entrance), 63rd Street, and Central Avenue. The airport's northern half is within the Garfield Ridge community area, and the southern half is within the Clearing community area. The airport is managed by the Chicago Airport System, which also oversees operations at O'Hare International Airport and Gary/Chicago International Airport.[4] Midway is heavily used by low-cost carriers, such as Southwest Airlines, and to a lesser extent by legacy carriers, such as Delta Air Lines, although Delta's presence has recently increased significantly. AirTran Airways also has focus operations, but has been surpassed by Delta in operations. Both the Stevenson Expressway and Chicago Transit Authority's "L" Train Orange Line provide passengers access to downtown Chicago. Chicago Midway Airport is the second largest passenger airport in the Chicago metropolitan area, and is the second busiest in the state of Illinois after Chicago O'Hare International Airport.[5] Today, Midway Airport serves as a focus city for Dallas-based Southwest Airlines[6] and Orlando-based AirTran Airways. For over 16 years, Chicago Midway International Airport had been the main hub for Indianapolis-based ATA Airlines (ATA), but that service was reduced to four destinations in November 2007, and was scheduled to end by June 7, 2008[7][8] before the airline filed for bankruptcy in April 2008, immediately discontinuing all flights.[9][10]
11th June 2011 N338AT Orlando International
11th June 2011 N338AT Orlando International
737-7BD N338AT taxies towards the terminal at Orlando International operating AT1068 from Montego Bay. New to AirTran in March 2008, this view clearly shows the height of the money saving winglets on this airframe. AirTran is a low cost airline operating from hubs in Atlanta and Milwaukee. Orlando is a Focus City for the airline, meaning they operate direct flights to a number of destinations from Orlando which do not involve either of the hub airports.

low cost international flights