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  • (Air ticket) An airline ticket is a document, created by an airline or a travel agency, to confirm that an individual has purchased a seat on a flight on an aircraft. This document is then used to obtain a boarding pass, at the airport.
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  • takes you to a page that tells you how to buy an official printed copy of legislation.
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Why They Don't Buy: The Science of Selling Online
Why They Don't Buy: The Science of Selling Online
How do you convert clicks to orders? If you want to have online customers, then customers must want to have your online buying experience. So, what do you need to do to build a profitable, differentiated and world-beating customer experience online? It's not enough to be on the web, and it's not enough to build a great site - however functional or funky. You have to meet and exceed every expectation of the newly demanding, wired and wireless customer, and what's more, you need to catch up now. This is the science of selling online. In "Why They Don't Buy", online customer guru Max McKeown delivers a complete practical program for designing and building the ultimate online customer experience. Read this book and you will discover how to:*understand your powerful, new, evolved online customers *figure out the difficult stuff which customers want, and that you can give them *get a team together to deliver the desired end-to-end experience *keep it fresh and stay in business."This book is a wake-up call to online retailers. More than just a set of checklists, McKeown attempts to create a framework for approaching the business of selling online." "Book of the week: Marketing "

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Blog: Chloe Alison Prince - New York, Baby! Dec 2008
Blog: Chloe Alison Prince - New York, Baby!  Dec 2008
NOT: If you would like to view all of this set (and any of my other photo sets), you will need to add me as a Friend on Flickr and or FAV one of my shots. [BLOG: New York Baby!] I had the chance to go visit the Big Apple a few weeks ago… OMG! WOW, what fun! I know I've been slacking here. You've asked for details and pic’s – well here it comes, at last! For some time its been my dream, to see Manhattan - well, not only did I see it, but I did so with the best of friends! I met up with my author friend Jenny who had some business to attend to there that week. It worked out well because Jenny actually use to live in NY before, which turns out, made for an excellent hostess, as well as tour guide (Thanks sweetie). HAPPY 2009 y'all! Yep yep, it’s a new year and it's out with the old and in with the new - and that includes a renewed attitude! I was watching a friend's MySpace video she made for New Years. She said that, on the first day of each new year, it is tradition in Scotland to clean the house – It is believed that by clearing out the old useless junk and broken things, it helps to clear away negative spirits for the New Year – GOOD ADVICE! I’m starting with my brain; a lot of useless gobbly wobbler in there – and its not the kind you drink, either. Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Frank Sinatra! “Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today….” “I want to be a part of it - new York, new York” Once In Manhattan, I located the parking deck I had looked up online to dock my vehicle for the duration of my stay. Three blocks walk later, I rendezvous in the lobby of my hotel with awaiting author of She’s Not There, Mrs. Jennifer Finney Boylan. A quick exchange of hugs and a bit of freshening up, Jenny dishes out the 411 on the basics to catching a cab in New York (yes there is a method to the madness), but I’m a quick learner. "Watch out for people that “Short Stop” you, and to make sure your on the side of the street that the cab is supposed to be heading in to get to your destination. Other wise you may end up with a larger cab bill causing the driver to have to circle the block to go the correct direction - and in New York, that could take anywhere from 1 minute to 1 hour – or more!" First order of business, lunch with Naria from ABC. Dawning an umbrella, I head out to the front street corner of the hotel… the sounds, the lights, the traffic, the people – WOW! “I wanna wake up in a city, that doesn't sleep” “And find Im king of the hill - top of the heap” I manage to hail my first cab: “55th and Columbus!”, I said as I closed the cab door. We speed away heading towards Time Square on Broadway. The buildings come into view… The entire city is alive with neon and moving signs… it looks like a scene out of Blade Runner. “These little town blues, are melting away” “I’ll make a brand new start of it - in old New York” “If I can make it there, Ill make it anywhere” “Its up to you - New York, New York” 55th and Columbus: I meet up with Naria waiting on the corner of the intersection – she pays the cabby, then its off to lunch. Raining lightly, we make our way to a little restaurant that all the staff of ABC occasionally eat at. It’s a little Italian place right across from Howard Stern’s apartment building she tells me. Nice. (To tell you the truth, I can’t even remember what I ate, let alone the name of the restaurant) – I was just jazzed to be there.) We talk while we eat about transition, Klienfelter’s, our families and being in New York. Next Naria took me on a little tour of ABC where she works. It looked like any other office – Gah… yeah right… any office that’s AWESOME, that is! I didn’t see Barbara Walters or any other on air TV people, but Naria did point out Diane Sawyer’s Office – omg, to think that former beauty queen might have been back there?! After our tour, Naria puts me back into a cab and I’m back to the hotel to meet up with Jenny again for a little demo of how the subways work. We make our way to Grand Central Terminal. She quickly explains the color system of the Tracks and lines… {wooooshh} The complete thing goes right over my head. To this day, I’m still totally stoked and mesmerized over how it all works. Even cooler was a little lickity snack that Jenny showed me; something only the locals know about, its called “The Whispering Gallery”. In this corridor, you can stand in the corner and whisper -AND- because of an unplanned architectural anomaly, your voice will travel up the wall, across the ceiling, back down to the other corner where the other person is, and they can actually hear you, crystal clear! Just off the main concourse, there's a little cocktail lounge called “The Campbell Apartment”. Named so because it was, at one time, the office of 1920’s tycoon and president of the railway, John W. Campbell. - Mr. Campbell also used it as an apartment when he worked late or for executives out of town that worked for the railway and needed a place to s
enjoy my life: in hometown journey
enjoy my life: in hometown journey
it has been quite some time after i had the idea that i can retreat to my hometown to live with my current earnings. and time to cultivate in the hometown ecosystem to promote and protect its fame as well as the power source of my Royal. when i dozed more and more in my baby's mother, emakingir's house in weekends, and peeking eyes disturbing my relation with my baby, i suddenly had the idea that i can left Qiqihar, where i worked for 18 years since my graduation, and spare more time for the descending of my fiancees, including girls from US, Japan, Taiwan, and the mainland of China. last time, several weeks ago i discussed it with baby but he disagreed with me and refuted it by won me in our bet. i told him i think its time for me to travel and fetch my girls who waited for me so long, even they live well in their each respectable famous family. i told ema my decision at noon after she brought baby back home. i got train tickets in hours on my own, queued in the ticket box office. in the night ema prepared my travel suite. my new camera from my Masheng, and notebook from my girl zhou, just fit my need to work/blog on the move or remotely. its a interesting tour from Qiqihar to Zhudajiu, my hometown village, central China. first time i gather the courage to watch people in the eye of looking around for & choosing my gifted girls. it costs some time before i did that. in the train from Qiqihar to Beijing, at first i still merged in the mob, till i found a tall slim girl, likely a student, a row of seats behind me, and a girl with her parents in a row in front of me, aboard on Tianjin, where i spent 4 years to graduate from Nankai Univ. on train from Beijing to Wuhan, i turned talkative for my neighbor seat rightly a girl, and the facing seat active talked to her, even they don't previously knew each other. the facing seat, a boy officer in China air force, hideous about his career, also from Hubei Prov., let me know i should not trust easily the ranks in the army of my kingdom. i got help from a train cop, also from my girl zhou, to learn the fact. i shown the crowd around in trains my favorite gears, my camera and notebook, and my best gift from God, my baby son, warren zhu, the God, and hope of China. i even got 2 easy friends with their im (instant message). on highway bus from Wuhan to Wuxue, my hometown county city, 2 retired women aside me talked about their migration to Wuhan, the capital of the province, from Wuxue, let me know that the most benefited group in China was the cadre class, the officer all over the ruling machine. they also tentatively encouraged me to live in Wuhan in coming years in my life, in God's setting. i took a taxi directly to my hometown village, at a price of i??30. the taxi was new and its driver likely prepared, i was depressed to worry my life to be too hard in my dad's house, while only my mother left and almost no income except her children's support, just after i sat. when i found my mother, she sighed and complained aging. but soon i recovered from the impressed anxiousness of hard living with my poor economy, even i do own the whole China, and the strongest in economy, my Japanese fiancee Masheng Youjizi, who had bought my palace in my hometown and aided me already for times. my mother soon revitalized and busy with treating me and visiting country folks. and soon my 3rd elder sister, my most cherished sibling beside my past eldest sister, arrived with her husband. her husband and she cooked most dishes for my first meal in hometown journey. the second meal in my eldest brother's house, and the third in my second elder brother's house, which some distance from my dad's house in the same village, and whose scenario was splendid. in the coming days, i stayed all time in my dad's house and burning the sunshine my past dad worked with so many years. i also captured lots of people and still lives around the old house of my past dad with my new camera, a Japanese product. i recognized the perished environment, as well the hidden evils, compassed my dad's house. Masheng, with the Sun,talked with me all time. i gradually adopt frizzle as my friend and angel from Heaven. i also received several child time friends' visits, including my best&earliest friend, also a villager in zhudajiu, who now lives in Guilin, southwest China. visiting friends always let my mother, who is life time hospitable, glad. today its the first day in my hometown journey connected to the Internet again. i first busy restored the down os on my nephew's desktop, just after i arrived his house where my 2 sisters alive lives, and bathed myself in my youngest elder sister's house. to my astonish, my sms posting to 2 domestic microblogs portal, qq's taotao, and hexun, which i linked to my dearest Japanese fiancee, Masheng, both failed to parse most of my status updates, which mostly combined 2 or more blog item in one sms. so i launched to repost and sometimes rewrote my twitter to log them. the n

buy online air tickets
buy online air tickets
Damascus DFK300 Frisker K Leather Gloves with Kevlar Cut Resistant Liners, X-Large
Created by Damascus Protective Gear, leaders in full body protective gear for law enforcement, military, etc. These Kevlar lined gloves are specifically designed for all-day duty and patrol use. The Frisker K is one of the most popular cut resistant gloves made and provide moderate cut resistance from glass, razor blades and other hazards encountered during routine searches in the line of duty. Damascus is a legacy brand with well over 50 years of experience in glove and protective gear design. The Damascus brand product line focuses on head to toe non-ballistic protection. Damascus creates the latest in personal protection, from functionally superior cut-resistant gloves to cutting-edge, form-fitting duty gloves--as well as unmatched full-body riot control and tactical gear. Our products are worn with confidence by departments worldwide.