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Flights London Faro

flights london faro
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  • Faro is a small Baltic Sea island north of the island of Gotland, off Sweden's southeastern coast. It is the second-largest island in the province. It has a population of fewer than 600 and has become a popular summer resort. The island has no banks, post offices, medical services or police.
flights london faro - Unicorn Dart
Unicorn Dart Flight Selecta Kit
Unicorn Dart Flight Selecta Kit
This Flight Selecta Kit from Unicorn, "the big name in darts," includes four different styles of flights: Plus (ideal general purpose flight for all styles of play), Slim (lightweight flights for lightweight darts), Xtra (for accurate players looking for the closest groupings), Big Wing (oversized flights for extra lift) and Maestro (a thicker and more rigid flight for durability). Includes three flights per pattern. This unique set allows you to mix and match to find the flight pattern that is perfect for you.

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For some reason all the flights home from London to Faro were full, so I had to go via Lisboa. And you can't go to Lisboa without taking a tram picture or two... Here the famous 28 meets the 12 coming the other way, in the Alfama. Supposed to be a play on lines, light and shadow, and the very tight comp is designed to give you a sense of the narrowness of the street where the trams meet.
Aer Lingus at London Gatwick
Aer Lingus at London Gatwick
Aer Lingus will be starting low cost flights to a number of European destinations from London Gatwick in April 2009, offering more routes, low fares and quality service.

flights london faro