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Bermuda Flight Deals

bermuda flight deals
  • a group of islands in the Atlantic off the Carolina coast; British colony; a popular resort
  • A British crown colony made up of about 150 small islands about 650 miles (1,046 km) east of the coast of North Carolina; pop. 58,000; capital, Hamilton. Inhabited since 1609, it now has internal self-government
  • (Bermudas) Short pants that end just above the knee
  • Bermuda (; officially, the Bermudas or Somers Islands) is a British overseas territory in the North Atlantic Ocean. Located off the east coast of the United States, its nearest landmass is Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, about to the west-northwest.
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The Downend Air Crash 1957
The Downend Air Crash 1957
The Downend Air Crash November 19, 1957 It remains a miracle that a 90 ton aircraft could crash into a residential area without any loss of life to those on the ground. Sadly, the 15 man crew of the Bristol Britannia prototype G-ANCA all perished in November 1957, but this film bears testimony to these pioneers of civil aviation development. Eye-witness accounts with recollections of test pilots Godfrey Auty and Walter Gibb, who twice broke the world altitude record. Made headlines worldwide. The Downend air crash occurred on November 6, 1957 when a prototype Type 301 Bristol Britannia aircraft, G-ANCA, crashed in woods near Overndale Road in Downend Village, near Bristol, England, on its landing approach at Filton airport during a test flight. A memorial service was held at Bristol Cathedral on November 19, 1957. The exact cause of the crash was never determined, but was suspected to be a malfunction of the autopilot, possibly due to faulty wiring. The company which manufactured the autopilot system issued a statement claiming it was not due to the autopilot system, but still altered the system in newer aircraft, the official report states unknown cause but "the autopilot system cannot be ruled out as the likely cause". Another source cites the cause as " instrument failure which ultimately led to a loss of control." Yes, sadly, Bristol 175 Britannia G-ANCA was lost on the 6th November 1957 with 15 men on board. The aircraft had just completed a test flight of 1 hour and 40 minutes. Tests included a strain-gauge measurements on the non-standard propeller of the no. 2 engine, and high speed upset manoeuvre recovery tests in connection with the US certification. Returning to Filton, the aircraft entered a circuit and partial gear extensions occurred for unknown reasons. Attempts may have been made to complete undercarriage free fall tests as these had failed the previous day; such test were not on the programme however. At 1500 feet a left turn to base leg was initiated. The right wing suddenly dropped and the aircraft went into a very steeply banked right hand turn. The Britannia briefly recovered but banked steeply again and struck the ground in a wood near Downend Village, South Gloucestershire. The 15 man crew perished in the crash. Despite the plane coming down in a residential area, nobody was killed on the ground. The names of the crew who perished are: John Kenneth Barker - John Edward Burton - Donald Charles Cameron - Albert Edward Ebling - Philip Norman Edward Hewitt - Donald Matthew Hunter - Kenneth Graham - Lucas Dudley Neville Stephen - Moynihan Frederick William Mycroft - John Harold Parry-Jones - Ernest Hugh Statham - Nigel Morris - Thorne William - James Todd Bernard Francis Waite - Frederick Charles Walsh. Witnesses described how the plane commenced a left turn and then banked steeply to the right. It then turned 270 degrees before crashing near Overndale Road. Audrey Roberts, of Lincombe Farm, watched horrified as the plane, heading straight for the farmhouse, clipped the trees, struck the ground starboard wing low, then cartwheeled about that wing before finally sliding sideways over the ground to explode in Lincombe Wood. A huge fireball erupted on impact with a heat so fierce that telephone engineers felt it as they worked half a mile away on Frenchay Hospital roof. All 15 crew died instantly. Lucky technician John Dickens - who would have been on board - was asked to step down at the last minute to allow a party from Redifon Ltd, a company experimenting with early flight simulation systems, to make the trip. A farmhouse and stables at Lincombe Farm were demolished. Windows were smashed in several homes and debris and wreckage thrown over a large area. Fragments of lead, used as on-board ballast, peppered nearby houses, and one of the engines landed outside a back door where a baby would normally be left in its pram. By some miracle no one was killed. It was thought that the trouble had originated with a design fault and defective soldering. The official report concluded: "The accident was the result of the aircraft developing a very steep descending turn which the pilot was unable to control. "The reason for this could not be determined, but the possibility is that it occurred as a result of malfunction of the auto pilot cannot be dismissed." An inquest on all the men recorded death by multiple injuries. So many people wished to attend the memorial service that it was held in Bristol Cathedral. DESPITE some early problems, the Britannia was actually one of the safest aircraft in the world. Affectionately known as the "Whispering Giant" the plane made its maiden flight in August 1952. Pilots were enthusiastic - one veteran called it the most kindly plane he had ever flown. Between 1957 and 1962, 79 planes covered 222 million miles carrying three million passengers, At its peak, a Britanni
Bermuda Images 001
Bermuda Images 001
Johnny Barnes. If he was anywhere else in the world the men in white coats would lock him up and throw away the key. But this is Bermuda, and each weekday morning from 05:00 to 10:00, retired bus driver Johnny Barnes stands in the middle of Crow Lane roundabout and says a cheery ‘Good Morning!’ to Bermuda’s commuters. Rain or shine he's always there with his radio, backpack and straw hat; providing a glimmer of hope that work won't be as bad as it normally is. In recognition of this, many Bermudians clubbed together and commissioned local sculptor Desmond Fountain to create a bronze statue of Johnny that now stands near the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. The "friendliest man in Bermuda" bestows his good wishes on locals & visitors alike. Johnny Barnes does not have a degree in philosophy or physics, but he is convinced that he knows the secret of life. "The world is made for love" he tells Bermuda visitors who are curious or brave enough to stop in traffic and shake his hand. Beloved by both tourists and locals, Barnes has devoted much of his life to spreading goodwill and cheer at the Crow Lane roundabout outside of Hamilton. Here the 80+year-old icon of Bermuda hospitality stands 5 days a week, waving and blowing kisses at passers-by. "Good Morning!" he calls."God Bless You!". Some drivers raise their eyebrows. Others stop to shake Barnes' hand. Some present him with flowers. Others simply return the smile and wave. In any case, Barnes believes that it is his mission to spread joy throughout Bermuda. It all started back in 1983. Barnes, then 60, lived in Paget and worked at the bus depot in Hamilton as a driver and repairman. On his way to work one morning, he had what can only be described as an epiphany. He stopped at the roundabout and began calling out to passers-by. At first people thought he was crazy. Then as they continued to see him morning after morning, they began to appreciate his joy and perserverance. Barnes who was born in Bermuda in 1923, says his mother taught him to love everyone and be kind to all, even if they weren't kind to him. "Each of Us has a part of God in themselves" he says. Barnes showed up at the roundabout each morning with a bagged lunch, portable radio, and a knapsack full of postcards of himself that he sells for $1 each. Sometimes he joins hands with tourists to pray for their safe journeys. Most commuters say they enjoy seeing Barnes each day. His smiling face, they say, helps them to face another day of stress and hard work and makes the morning traffic easier to bear. Also known ar "Mr Feel Good" and "Happy Man" Barnes has gained international fame for his friendliness. His portrait adorns Hamilton's Visitors Service Bureau and he's been honoured by Queen Elizabeth II. A few years ago, the Spirit of Bermuda Trust raised funds and commissioned sculptor Desmond Fountain to erect a bronze statue of this Bermuda icon. "I never thought I'd have my own statue," Barnes exclaims with the broadest of smiles. Now Barnes' spirit of joy and hospitality will live forever in this island whose friendliness and ideals he long has epitomised.

bermuda flight deals
bermuda flight deals
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