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Manzanillo Mexico Flights

manzanillo mexico flights
    manzanillo mexico
  • Manzanillo is a city as well as its surrounding municipality in the Mexican state of Colima. The city, located on the Pacific Ocean, contains Mexico's busiest port.
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manzanillo mexico flights - Colima Villa
Colima Villa de Álvarez & Manzanillo Planos Urbanos 2003 (EM Editores)
Colima Villa de Álvarez & Manzanillo Planos Urbanos 2003 (EM Editores)
Esparza Editores Colima Villa de Alvarez & Manzanillo Planos Urbanos is a map covering both the capital of the state of Colima and the nearby popular vacation destination of Manzanillo done at a 1:45k scale.
On one side of this map is a city plan for Colima (the "first commercial map ever made" of that city) with an inset for the downtown area. It is indexed for tourist sites, hotels, shopping, government buildings, and services. The other side has a city plan for Manzanillo with slightly less street names than the Colima side. It includes a downtown inset and an index for government buildings and services.
Two-sided, self-cover, paper folded map.
Size: 4.5" ? 9.25" folded; 26.5" ? 18.5" unfolded

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IMG 0578.JPG
Our [supposed] last day in Manzanillo, our flight was overbooked and we volunteered to stay. The airline put is up in a five-star --- scratch that, six-star hotel located on its own private peninsula. Across the lagoon was the little town of Barra de Navidad, a shopping village and small party town where we found lots and lots of Americans -- and I never heard of this place !!
Wood stork
Wood stork
Startled from the tiny strip of lagoon remaining on the east side of the main road in Manzanillo this wood stork flies for safety. But to where? The great part of the lagoon has just been filled in so the port can expand. This may be the last year we see the numbers of wood storks, white ibis, roseate spoonbills, great egrets and cormorants congregrating in this location.

manzanillo mexico flights
manzanillo mexico flights
Frommer's Portable Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo and Guadalajara
Insider advice on what to see and do on your trip to Mexico's Central Pacific Coast region, from the golden beaches and jungle-studded mountains of Puerto Vallarta to the vast palm groves and legendary sportfishing of Manzanillo. Plus tips on navigating the region's lovely but less-traveled corners, like the tranquil surfing hub of Sayulita and the secluded white-sand beaches and magnificent coral reefs of Punta Mita.
Where to find the tastiest tortas ahogadas (pork sandwiches) in Guadalajara, the most savory seviche in Sayulita, and the finest tequila bars in Puerto Vallarta.
Tips on where to find the best shopping and what to bring home as a souvenir, from handmade ceramics and glassware from Guadalajara to exquisite Huichol Indian art from Puerto Vallarta.
>A chapter on useful Spanish phrases will have you ordering cervezas in a nanosecond.
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