Inclusive Summer Bowling!
Starting Tues. May 22nd. 6:00 pm

3 leagues to choose from:

14 weeks - 3 games daily & 12 weeks group bowling

12 weeks - 2 games weekly bowling & group bowling

6 weeks group bowling (Session I or Session II)


Registration strongly recommended.

Click HERE for details and to register.

Please check back for more workshop dates

Custom ID Photo Workshop

As your diagnosed loved one gets older and becomes more independent, it's important for them to learn to respond to official inquiries from law enforcement, medical & rescue personnel, etc.. 

This workshop is designed to provide you with the tools to create a personalized photo ID for your loved one (s).  This will allow you and support staff to teach them the importance of an ID, to always carry it and to refer to it during a situation.

Please check back for more tour dates

Field Trip to the Police Station
Where: Somerset Police Dept. 465 County St. Somerset
Cost:    Free event

Pre-registration required!  
 Space is limited.

****Scholarships available for most programs
email for details

Twilight Tour at Buttonwood Park Zoo!
was a blast! Join our email list to get info on more zoo tours.

Sat. 9/24/2016 
5:45 - 9:30 pm

Is over, but we had a GREAT time!
Monday's 4:00-5:00 pm 5/23/2016 thru 6/27/2016

A.I.R.E Time Foundation
 Promoting understanding, acceptance and awareness of all abilities by providing inclusive recreation programs and events.

~Inclusion is an attitude and approach~ 

In-clu-sion (in-kloo-zhun), n - an attitude and approach that seeks to ensure that every person, regardless of ability or background, can appropriately participate in any activity of their choice.

Mission Statement
A.I.R.E Time's mission is to provide inclusive recreation programs and events that accommodate community members of all abilities. These programs promote physical activity, socialization & awareness and acceptance of individual differences.