The Mouse Catcher

Created by: Chris Acosta,  Derek Miller, Rebecca Kehler, Brent Perkins


Lab Write Up


Purpose: The purpose of our simple machine is quite simple. This machine is to catch a mouse through a procedure of different uses of energy and procedures that make it poosible for our machine to be successful.


Desription of Model: We used steps (blue) and a ramp (red) that made it possible for a marble to roll down. These made it possible for potential enrgy and kientic energy to be used throughout this process. After the ramp the marble would hit a car that rolled down another ramp that hit a buttone that realesaed  nother car that set off a chain of other cars that ere laid out on a track. Last, a toy truck would hit a small bucket and release the cage to fall down on the mouse that we were trying to catch.


Theoretical Background: The marble and the cars had different uses of enery including potential and kinetic energy. The buttons being pressed throughout the track are also forms of kinetic energy.


Data Section: We had to make sure our rampt to the marble and the car was perfect so the car would be pushed enough to get it going enough that it would have enough force to press the button to start the chain reaction of cars on the track. We also had to set one of the cars pefectly so when it was launched in the air it would hit a button with enough force to continue the chain reaction. Last, we had to place the small bucket close enough so the truck can set off the cage but far enough so cage would not fall over.


Discussion of Results: Our results were successful. We had many successful tries but there were several difficulties we experienced. These difficulties were based on the ramps at the very beggining. It was hard to keep the marble on the track and continue through the track while keeping a constant acceleration.The marble would lose energy as it passed through the ramps but had enough energy left to transfer to the cars on the track.


Reflection: This machine was very successful but there could have been some changes we made. These include adding more forms of energy. It was hard to do this with our set up that we had. It was also hard to keep our machine still. We could have had support from wood  or built the machine on wood that would it would stay stable.But in the end as a group we all enjoyed this project and our machine and worked extremely hard on it. It was very time consuming because we all wanted to achieve perfection.