Air Medical Crew Education Fund, Inc. 

Helping angels keep their wings.


History of the Fund

The Air Medical Crew Education Fund was originally founded in 1996 by medical team members of the Life Net of New York air medical team based at Albany Medical Center. The primary funding source was from private donations received from former air medical patients and from funds generated through the sales of air medical logo merchandise. The fund was created to help provide financial assistance to air medical team members who wanted to attend advanced classes, seminars or conferences in order to enhance the quality of the care they provided to their patients. While every air medical program provides some funding for team education, it often is limited and often cannot support sending staff to every possible educational offering. This fund provides important additional financial support for air medical staff to access in order build on the quality of care they provide. In 2006, the fund was officially incorporated as a not-for-profit organization with oversight from a volunteer board of directors. With this incorporation came a desire to not only support the staff of the Life Net air medical system, but to also aid staff from all of New York’s air medical services.


What Types of Activities Does the Fund Support?

The fund can provide additional financial support for air medical team members to receive advanced education directly related to the air medical field. The emphasis is put on supporting educational activities that can ultimately provide benefit to the entire air medical service such as assisting a team member to become an instructor in an advanced course. Financial aid may also be awarded to assist team members in attending a conference, seminar or other specialized course with the expectation that the team member will share their new found knowledge with their team mates. The fund may also at times be petitioned to assist in the purchase of educational items or specific pieces of medical equipment that can benefit the quality of care provided by an air medical service.


Why Should I Support the Fund?

Air medical transport is extremely challenging and creates unique hazards for the professionals who endeavor to help others during time of serious illness or injury. The field of air transport usually attracts only the most accomplished medical professionals. However, no amount of traditional medical experience can adequately prepare medical providers for the unique challenges of caring for the critically ill in the confines of an aircraft. Air medical transport is usually only accessed for the most dire and life threatening of emergency situations. Air medical personnel are exposed to vibration, G-forces, noise, and fluctuations of temperature, and oxygen levels caused by altitude changes which all provide physiologic stress. The severity of the patient’s injuries often creates an additional psychological burden for the providers. Further, the air medical providers are exposed to the unique hazards associated with flight into potentially hazardous areas during which they must not only be focused on providing the highest quality of patient care but also on the safety of their environment. It is critical that the air medical provider receives frequent and high quality training to relieve the impact of these burdens. This fund is endeavored to assist in making sure that these air medical professionals can receive this training without incurring significant personal financial hardship.


How do Air Medical Providers
Apply for Support?

Air medical team members wishing to petition the fund for support must complete an application. The application process may require that the applicant submit verification of employment in good standing from their air medical service as well as proof of attendance for the course, seminar or conference. The amount of funding awarded may vary based upon the financial resources available within the fund and the history of support for the fund provided by the applicant’s air medical service employer. The final authorization and amount of funding provided will remain at the discretion of the fund’s board of directors.

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How Can I Support the Fund?

The fund is entirely subsidized through the generous donations of benefactors and through fund-raising events such as the Life Net of New York annual golf tournament which donates all revenue to the fund.

 The fund also generates revenue through raffle activities as well as the sale of air medical program logo merchandise such as T-shirts, sweatshirts and hats.

The Air Medical Crew Education Fund, Inc. is recognized by the Charities Bureau
of the New York State Office of the Attorney General.

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