TNCA aircraft, the Series H and the 3-E-130 series

 Here we see the very early example of a Series H aircraft.
Here we see one of the very early examples of the H Series, this was one of the early fighter aircraft built in the world.

TNCA built several aircraft in the second decade of the 20th century among them we find the Series A, C, H and another bomber and fighters.

In the early 1920s the Toloche, was one of the three aircraft designed by TNCA derived from a single model.
Known as the 3-E-130 Toloche, it was close related to the 4-E-131 Quetzatcoatl and 5-E-132 Parasol.
Designed by Angel Lascurain it flew in 1923, here we see the 4-E-131 Quetzatcoatl
and here we see the 5-E-132 Parasol