Mexican built Agricultural Aircraft

 Here we have the 1970s Mexican built agricultural Barcenas B-01, it was designed by the Mexican Engineer David Barcenas Beutelspacher, it first flew on 8 June 1978 at the Ignacio Lopez Rayon airport in Uruapan  Michoacan, Mexico. It had a total production of 50 aircraft.
 An offspring of the Barcenas was the Tonatiuh, the basic wing profile was transferred to the Instituto Politecnico Nacional.
The Barcenas B-01  was designed as a Mexican response to the Brazilian made Ipanema EMB-201 that a few were imported into Mexico, It was built in order to build a similar aircraft domestically at a lower price.
Another aircraft made in Mexico was the Anahuac Tauro, this aircraft was designed in 1967 by Alejandro Betancourt and Arno Gjumilch and first flew on 3 December 1968, It was built by  Fabrica de Aviones Anahuac owned by Alejandro Elizondo.
12 aircraft were built 7 Tauro 300s and 4 Tauro 350s plus a prototype.
The Barcenas B-01 was used as a basic model to built the Tonatiuh, a light two seats basic trainer and scout aircraft, it was a joint project of the IPN and the Mexican Navy, it first flew on June 1, 1982 at las Bajas naval base in Veracruz Mexico.
8 aircraft were built but only 6 served in the Mexican Navy. 
The Tonatiuh project was designated as CIAAC-7701, the first prototype started its construction in February 1978 in the Naval Hangar of the Mexico City international airport Benito Juarez.
Another aircraft built in Mexico was the Rockwell A9B-M Quail, it was built in Mexico under a license as the A9B-M AAMSA Quails, Aeronautica Agricola Mexicana Socieda Anonima, built the A9B-Ms in Pasteje, Edo de Mexico, Mexico.
The aircraft was modified by Mexican engineers to satisfy the Mexican demands for an agricultural aircraft in Mexico.