TrackAircraft 3D allows user of Kinetic Avionics SBS-1 Basestation Virtual Radar make best user of their data by allowing it to be displayed in Google Earth. Features include the following :

  • Live display of aircraft in Google Earth (with 2 sec refresh rate)
  • Colour coding of aircraft depending on whether they are crusing, descending or ascending
  • 3D trails for aircraft in Google Earth to show flight profile over a period of time (configurable by user)
  • User configuration of icon and text size in Google Earth.
  • User configuration of aircraft data displayed in Google Earth.
  • Lookup of aircraft type and route information.

.....and finally the Track Aircraft 3D console itself which shows the live data as it occours and also by a simple click on a flight Track Aircraft 3D will retrieve the most recent photos taken of the aircraft.