How to look great without makeup : Classic bridal makeup

How To Look Great Without Makeup

how to look great without makeup
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Newspaper Rock State Historic Monument, Utah - 18x24 Digital Photo Painting : Gone to Look for America - Patrick Alan Swigart © 2009 USA
Newspaper Rock State Historic Monument, Utah - 18x24 Digital Photo Painting : Gone to Look for America - Patrick Alan Swigart © 2009 USA
Found: Ancient significance. Newspaper rock is without a doubt one of the most significant petroglyph sites in the world. Arguably, more glyphs are tightly packed together in one place than perhaps any other locality. There is no doubt that to ancient peoples over a long period of time this place and these glyphs held great significance as well. The problem is that no one seems to know what they signify and therefore, their significance is a mystery, up to conjecture and interpretation. The location is desert, along a stream, in a ravine with abundant shade trees and shrubs. It was a pleasure for me to take refuge here after many miles of glaring sun and heat. I imagine an ancient people taking refuge here. The number of animals on the rock, would, I would think, reflect the numbers that one might have encountered in an oasis like this -- man being one of them. Resting and refreshing here, I can imagine numbers of families congregating and possibly recongregating in reunions here. Like families and their many branches, a large part of the reunion is spent in story telling and catching each other up on past events, current events, and future events. Here on this west-facing slab memorable, prominent, or portentous stories of significance might have been symbolized. Man is the animal that dreams, has feelings, visions, hopes, aspirations, desirings, wishes, prayers, communications, beliefs, events, and a sense of past, present, and future all wrapped in life, death, and eternity. A full spectrum of stories real and unreal spring from the human psyche. Myth, religion, ritual, history, fantasy, and cosmology are not separate from their symbols according to Carl Jung or Joseph Campbell. We stand before them in wonder and awe. What do they mean? The symbols trigger very natural and likely explanations from our individual psyches. Imagination takes wing. Right, wrong, good hypothesis, bad hypothesis, multiple working hypotheses, do not go any further than gut-level hunches. You are free to interpret. Some knowledge of Native American Indian Peoples may be useful. But perhaps in the last analysis we only need to be in touch with simple universal human elements that is the common ground for all mankind as manifest in our cultural, physiological, and psychological makeup. Here's how easy it is: See the two figures all alone at the top in the center. They seem faded and more ancient than the lighter ones. Let me speculate that they are a title of some kind. To the left is a rattle on a shaft. To the right is a being. I will say that the rattle is a call, announcement, or a summons to the being on the right, an important being worthy of standing separate, alone, and above all -- a great spirit. Taken together, it might say "Calling, the Great Spirit" or "Announcements to the Great Spirit" or "Attention Great Spirit." What follows below and off to the left or right is likely some chronology of deeds, events, and orations of wish fulfillment throughout time. Much like "winter counts" of the Lakota whose spiraling images have one graphic mnemonic device to trigger the remembrance for each year. Through an oral tradition, the winter counts, often portrayed on the buffalo hides accompanied long verbal tellings and retellings. Long snake like squiggles might be streams, each meander, being a day, a month, or even a year. Footprints, travel. Horned animals, antelope. Long lines of horned animals, desert or mountain sheep. The rider on a horse is interesting. A Spaniard? Perhaps. But the rider has a bow and the animal seems to have the arrow. The Kiowa say that horse culture on the plains began with them. The Pueblo Indians say they traded horses to the Kiowa. In any case, the modern horses were only reintroduced into the Americas from the 1520s on. Escaped wild horses spread to the plains and finally gave rise to the horse people and cultures after a long history called "the dog days" which preceded them, came to an end. The circles? Suns or spiritual hoops of wholeness to which everything belongs. It's fun to go on like this, simply because the psyche can. I don't know anything, really. Like Henry David Thoreau once said in verse in his Journal, "Men say they know many things -- the arts and sciences, a thousand appliances -- the wind that blows is all that anybody knows!"
She Looks so Happy.
She Looks so Happy.
To be re-named later. Okay, so I wasn`t going to upload this because; A: It is not that great of a picture. B: I didnt`l like it that much.. But I`m so bored and this has been the most boring Saturday of my life. Oh well though I feel so weird lately. Like I don`t know where I belong or who I am. All I can do is seek after God. I know I belong with him. And even though it doesn`t feel like it, it should be enough to know it, right? Anyway, I hope you all are well :) And since I just found out I have been tagged in many'a'things, I`ll fill one out? haha 1. Thing you cannot leave the house without? My camera and cell phone. :) 2. Favorite brand of makeup? I don`t have a favorite bran actually. I use whatever my sister has. 3. Favorite flower? Daisy's and sunflowers!!! 4. Favorite clothing store? Old Navy, Gap, Target. I shop anywhere. I`m not in to the stores that have their name and logos all over their clothing. 5. Favorite perfume? Vanilla scented :) 6. Heels or flats? Flats!! I am 17 and my first (and last) pair of heels was for my sister`s wedding last year. 7. Do you make good grades? Mhmm. A, B, Student. lol 8. Favorite colors? Purple, Blue, Yellow, Green, LIGHT pink. 9. Do you drink energy drinks? I`m not allowed to because they make my heart race. :) 10. Do you drink juice? We don`t have it too much but I adore Juice. 11. Do you like swimming? Now that I am more secure with myself I LOVE swimming :) 12. Do you eat fries with a fork? Never ever ever! 13. Favorite moisturizer? I don`t use any.. 14. Do you want to get married later on in life? Yes, Of course! 15. Do you get mad easily? I have a very, very short temper. 16. Are you into ghost hunting? Oh, no no no. 17. Any phobias? Spiders and snakes. And being watched through a window or in a dark room. EEP. 18. Do you bite your nails? No, but I do this thing when i`m upset or nervous or thinking hard; it looks like i`m biting my nails, but in reality they are just at my face and i`m making a biting motion with my mouth. Weird, huh? 19. Have you ever had a near death experience? Multiple, actually.. 20. Do you drink coffee? Mmm.. Every once in awhile actually.

how to look great without makeup