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Elite Pro Cosmetics

elite pro cosmetics
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elite pro cosmetics - Panasonic ES-SA40-K
Panasonic ES-SA40-K Pro Curve Wet/Dry Shaver, Black
Panasonic ES-SA40-K Pro Curve Wet/Dry Shaver, Black
Panasonic Pro Curve ES-SA40K Shaver ES-SA40K Men Personal Care

The Panasonic ES-SA40-K Pro Curve Wet/Dry Shaver is a rechargeable electric razor that features a stylish blue-and-black color palette, and a fully water-immersible design that makes clean-up simple and easy. With a single-blade design that is durable and maintains its sharpness, you'll get a close and comfortable shave every time.

A floating head adjusts to the contours of your face for a more comfortable and closer shave. View larger.
Precision-Angled Blades Offer a Close Shave
The ES-SA40-K is a single-foil style shaver with a single blade and an 8800 RPM motor. It features a floating head that adjusts to the contours of your face. The blade is nickel-free and hypoallergenic, and the foil is stainless steel, so it won't irritate those with sensitive skin. The blade is durable and maintains its sharpness, so you get an effective shave every time.
Slide-Up Trimmer for Sideburns
The shaver features a wide slide-up trimmer for precise trimming of your mustache and sideburns.
Wet/Dry Design Allows for Easy Clean Up
The wet/dry design of the Pro Curve means you can easily clean your shaver by simply rinsing it under running water. The wet/dry functionality also gives you the option of shaving wet with lather while in the shower in addition to dry shaving.
Rechargeable Battery Saves Money and Reduces Waste
The ES-SA40-K uses an internal rechargeable battery so you don't have to wastefully buy and throw out batteries. It takes eight hours to fully charge the battery, and each charge lasts for a maximum of 21 minutes of shaving. An included stand puts the shaver within easy reach while simultaneously charging it.

Panasonic ES3831K Single Blade Travel Shaver
Panasonic ES3833S Pro Curve Wet/Dry Travel Shaver with Case
Panasonic ES-SA40-K Pro Curve Wet/Dry Shaver
Panasonic ES4026NC Pro Curve Rechargeable Double Blade Wet/Dry Men's Shaver
Panasonic ES7103K Pro Curve Wet/Dry Triple Head Shaver
Panasonic ES7109S Vortex Wet/Dry Triple Blade Shaving System with base
Panasonic ES8103S Pro Curve Wet/Dry Rechargeable Linear Pivot Action Shaving System
Panasonic ES8109S Vortex Wet/Dry Shaver with Nano Technology and HydraClean System
Panasonic ES8243A Arc IV Nano Men's Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver
Panasonic ES8249K Arc IV Nano Vortex Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaving System
Wet/DryGet an ultra-smooth shave every day, and the convenience of using the shaver wet or dry, rinses clean
Hypoallergenic, Stainless Steel Foil and Blades
Floating HeadsFloating heads follow facial contours to provide a clean, close, and fast shave
Pop-up Trimmer For mustache and sideburns
Vortex HydraClean System Powerful hygienic cleaning system automatically charge, cleans, and dries shaver
Sharpest Blades Conventional blades only cut at 45-90-degree angles, Nanotech blades cut at 30-degree for a precise cut at first pass
Micro Polished Nanotech Blades The cutting blades are polished with Nano particles to create an exceptionally cutting surface
Arc Foil Revolutionary arc foil nestle against the skin and glides uniformly
Linear Motor Super fast 13,000 RPM linear motor ensures a quick cut eliminating pulling and tugging due to slow motor speed
Pivoting Head Adjustable pivoting head rocks both up and down, and back and forth, following the contours of your face
LCD Display LCD battery status and charge indicator to keep your blade fresh
Dual Voltage
Number of Blades1112333344
Replacement Outer FoilWES9941PWES9941PWES9941PWES9833PWES9085PCWES9085PCWES9087PCWES9087PCWES9161PCWES9161PC
Replacement Inner BladeWES9942PWES9942PWES9942PWES9850PWES9064PCWES9064PCWES9068PCWES9068PCWES9068PCWES9068PC
Replacement Foil & BladeWES9979PWES9979PWES9979PWES9839PWES9012PCWES9012PCWES9013PCWES9013PCWES9020PCWES9020PC
Cleaning Cartridges WES035P WES035P WES035P

75% (14)
robert cray 0038
robert cray 0038
• Robert Cray • Santa Cruz Blues Festival. Memorial Day. Aptos Park, Santa Cruz, CA USA. • Robert Cray Guitar. • Fender Stratocaster • The Fender Stratocaster, often referred to as "Strat", is a model of electric guitar designed by Leo Fender, George Fullerton, and Freddie Tavares in 1954, and manufactured continuously by the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation to the present. It is a double-cutaway guitar, with an extended top horn for balance while standing. The Stratocaster has been used by many leading guitarists and can be heard on many historic recordings. Along with the Gibson Les Paul, the Gibson SG and the Fender Telecaster, it is one of the most common and enduring models of electric guitar in the world. The design of the Stratocaster has transcended the field of music to rank among the classic industrial designs of all time; examples have been exhibited at major museums around the world.[7][8] • In its original form, the Stratocaster was offered in a 2-color sunburst finish on a solid, deeply contoured ash body, a one-piece maple neck with 21 frets, black dot inlays, and Kluson machine heads, until 1956, when Fender started making bodies made from solid alder.[9] There was also a set of available custom colors that wasn't standardized until 1960. These custom colors were mostly automobile lacquer colors made by Dupont and could be had for an extra 5% cost. The single-ply, 8-screw hole white pickguard was a unique concept that allowed mounting all electronic components—except the recessed jack plate—in one easily removed assembly. Subsequent Stratocaster designs (by both Fender and imitators) may or may not have improved on the original in usability and sound, but vintage Fender models are still often worth large amounts of money, and many prefer the timbre of older models. • The Stratocaster has been widely copied; as a result, the term "Strat," although a trademark of Fender Musical Instrument Corporation, is often used generically when referring to any guitar that has the same general features as the original, regardless of manufacturer. The Stratocaster's radically sleek, contoured body shape (officially referred to by Fender as the "Comfort Contour Body") was a marked difference to the flat, slab-like design of the Telecaster. Its double cutaways allowed players easier access to higher positions on the neck.[10] The body features a unique curve on the upper back and a gradual curve at the front bottom, where the player's right arm rests. The one-piece maple neck's uniquely-shaped wide "dogleg"-style headstock again contrasted to the very narrow Fender Telecaster's headstock shape. The strings are anchored on a through-body pivot bridge attached with springs to a 'claw' in the bridge cavity on the back of the guitar. Original Stratocasters were shipped with five springs anchoring the bridge flat against the body. Players were able to remove the backplate covering the bridge, remove two of the springs and tighten the claw screws to allow the bridge to 'float,' with the pull of the strings in one direction countering the pull of the springs in the opposite direction. Once in the floating position, players can move the tremolo arm mounted on the bridge up or down to increase or decrease the pitch of the notes being played. Many players, such as Eric Clapton, who dislike the tuning instability of floating bridge Stratocasters, usually block the tremolo bridge by inserting a small wedge of wood in against the inertia block (the gap towards the bottom of the guitar body) and placing excessive tension on the springs, pulling in the opposite direction, to lock the bridge in a fixed position. Some Strats have a fixed bridge in place of the tremolo assembly; these are colloquially called "hard-tails." • The Stratocaster features three single coil pickups, with the output originally selected by a 3-way switch. Guitarists soon discovered that by jamming the switch in between the 1st and 2nd position, both the bridge and middle pickups could be selected, and similarly, the middle and neck pickups could be selected between the 2nd and 3rd position.[11] This trick became widespread and Fender responded with the 5-way pickup selector (a standard feature since 1977), which allowed these tonal combinations and provided better switching stability. The "quacky" tone of the middle and bridge pickups, popularized by players such as David Gilmour, Rory Gallagher, Mark Knopfler, Bob Dylan, Scott Thurston, Eric Clapton and Robert Cray, can be obtained by using the pickup selector into positions 2 and 4. The neck and middle pickups are each wired to a tone control that incorporates a single, shared tone capacitor, whereas the bridge pickup, which is slanted towards the high strings for a more trebly sound, has no tone control for maximum brightness. On many modern Stratocasters, the first tone affects the neck pickup
Mike Leavitt "after" 1
Mike Leavitt "after" 1
Mike Leavitt "Spaceship Earth Cosmetics Crew" 2011 acrylic and marker on vintage paint-by-numbers $1,000 ( for set of three ) "Spaceship Earth Cosmetics Crew" Illustration in ink & acrylic by Michael Leavitt, 2071, captured on a rare day of non-nuclear natural daylight. Excerpt below taken from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaceship_Earth Spaceship Earth Cosmetics Crew (SECC) This singular government agency engineers Earth’s outer-most elements to withstand the widening dangers of outer space. All surface species and environments are a vigilantly orchestrated shield against aerial demise. SECC is author of Sky Womb™(hyperlink), Bodies of Water®* and EarthCrust (patent pending). Susceptible to airborne transmittance and solar strife since the stratospheres collapsed, Earthlings survive underground and off-planet with intermittent and highly coveted exposure to SECC’s manicured fabrications. This internationally-funded agency is increasingly essential with the sun’s darkening and deteriorating gravitational pull. Earth gradually resembles a hurling asteroid without the consistent orbit of a revolving sphere. SECC modifies the planet for balance. Tightly welded re-generations of air, land and sea temper tectonic bulging and prevent damage from collisions with outer space bodies. Fiber-cast flora and fauna replicate the precise visceral and aesthetic experience of ancient nature. SECC working hours are restricted to non-nuclear periods of solar light. Plans are currently underway to replace all solar light with a safer, more efficient form of SECC Brand Sunlight™. SECC Controversy Ultra-Liberal and radically Conservative fringe groups level free-wheeling charges against the SECC. Some claim that the agency is founded on propaganda and false science. The 2058 International Replace the Atmosphere Convention(hyperlink) was nearly derailed by so-called “Pro-Nature” activists. Once hailed as a multi-lateral unifier of disparate countries and “the most effective means of world peace” (Dying Planet Watch Quarterly, November 7, 2021), SECC now stands trial on fraud charges in several rogue nations. Bristol Palin IV and her former White House aid, Maria Limbaugh**, run the GSBG (God Sent Big Government) lobby aimed at dismantling the SECC, funded by loyalists to the defunct religion once known as Christianity. Michael Moore, since emerging from cryogenic fat freezing, has returned with recent Hollywood blockbusters “SECC & Me” and “Bowling for SECC”. High-profile elite, including Electramaximillianna and Ouagabuagadigania Pitt-Jolie, have joined Sal Gore’s PowerPointHolograph™ “An Convenient Lie: SECC” lecture circuit. *a licensed product of The International Utility Control, LLC. **one of countless children of illegal immigrants born out of wedlock to the one-time U.S. Ambassador to North Korea, Rush Limbaugh. ____________________________________________________________________

elite pro cosmetics
elite pro cosmetics
Pioneer PRO 151FD - 60" Elite KURO plasma TV with built-in network media player - widescreen - 1080p (FullHD) - HDTV
Brace yourself for the stunning new world of the Elite® KUROTM PRO-151FD. It's a world of high-definition that will forever change the way you experience entertainment. More than just the next step in high-definition, the new 1080p Elite KURO is a quantum leap. A revelation. Beyond anything thought possible, until now. Delivering the next benchmark by which every other flat panel will be measured, the new 1080p Elite KURO boasts black levels five times greater than its predecessor. Built with the highest resolution (1920 x 1080p), the new Elite KURO offers an entertainment experience of unequaled measure. The result is nothing short of stunning with added depth and dimension, richer colors and more pristine detail in everything you see, hear and feel. The Elite KURO is a dream come true. For our most discerning entertainment connoisseurs, the Elite KURO is equipped to go beyond the standard set of audio and video settings. Further flexibility and distinct user settings can be finely tuned and set using the ISFcccTM calibration feature for both daytime and nighttime viewing. Prepare yourself for sports, movies and news experienced in ways never before possible. Open your eyes to content reproduced in the most faithful and pristine way ever seen in a home theater environment. Get ready for a flat panel television that thinks for itself with an all-new Optimum Mode setting, to monitor not only content but room light conditions and color temperature. The ability to examine and then finely adjust both audio and video settings seamlessly provides a near flawless entertainment experience that rivals actually being there. Set your sites on a flat panel so technologically advanced that it can connect to an existing home network to go beyond just a television. Our exclusive Home Media Gallery allows you to enjoy HD movies, digital photos and music all in the comfort of your living room.