Shimmer Eye Makeup

shimmer eye makeup
  • A light with such qualities
  • a weak and tremulous light; "the shimmer of colors on iridescent feathers"; "the play of light on the water"
  • shine with a weak or fitful light; "Beech leaves shimmered in the moonlight"
  • give off a shimmering reflection, as of silk
  • Cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance
  • The composition or constitution of something
  • The combination of qualities that form a person's temperament
  • cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance
  • constitution: the way in which someone or something is composed
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shimmer eye makeup - Shany 12
Shany 12 Color Palette, Smokey Eyes, 6-Ounce
Shany 12 Color Palette, Smokey Eyes, 6-Ounce
This is probably on of the best Master peice SHANY has come up with, colors are picked based on American living in colr adn hot weather, dark or light skin. 12 colors Shimmery colors are great to make super smokey eyes, check youtube to see the toturials. This is a great kit to make Arabic eyes. each pan is about 1 inches and should last a beauty artist 3 to 4 months with every day use. great combination of color makes this kit espactacular.

The SHANY Smokey Eyes Palette (Set of 12 Colors) is a valuable collection for creating smoldering, smokey eyes. Individually hand-assembled, the one-inch round eye shadow pans are neatly packaged in a slender compact that's small enough to carry in your purse or gym bag. The palette includes a select assortment of 12 shades of white, gray, brown, and black. Made from a natural mineral oil base, the eye shadow lets you achieve a dramatic, smudged look that lasts for hours.
Smokey Eyes Palette
(Set of 12 Colors)
At a Glance:

White shades faded to black for a smokey look

Mineral oil-based powder resists smudging and fading

Slim, compact case for easy storage and portability

Washes off easily with your normal face-cleansing routine

Selected and packaged by hand; inspected twice for quality


SHANY Smokey Eyes Palette (Set of 12 Colors) Product Shot
Assortment of white, gray, brown, and
black shades let you create dramatic,
smokey looks. View larger.
SHANY Smokey Eyes Palette (Set of 12 Colors) Lifestyle Shot
Natural mineral oil base creates a vivid shade that is resistant to fading.

SHANY Smokey Eyes Palette (Set of 12 Colors) Product Shot
Eye Shadow Palette with 12 Smokey Shades
Whether you want to create a fun, smokey look for a holiday party or a sultry look for date night, the Smokey Eyes Palette has shades for the occasion in one convenient kit. Darker hues, like browns and blacks, and light shades, like silver and white, are included in this palette set. Just like a professional makeup artist, you'll have a rich gradient of shades at your disposal. No matter what the occasion, these 12 shades can be used to create the right texture for that signature smokey look.
Long-Lasting Mineral Oil Base Resists Smudging
Each eye shadow in this palette is made from a natural mineral oil base that creates a vivid, highly pigmented shade, smooth application with every stroke, and resistance to fading or smudging.
The eye shadow can be easily washed off at the end of the day using your normal makeup removal routine.
Slim, Portable Design for Easy Storage
The slender, lightweight compact is the ideal size for tucking into your purse or tote bag, or storing away neatly in your bathroom drawer. At almost one inch wide, each eye shadow pan is generously sized to last for many applications.
The palette does not include brushes. Try pairing it with the SHANY Studio-Quality Natural Cosmetic Brush Set with Leather Pouch (sold separately) for easy, smooth application.
Inspected Twice for Quality Control
Each shade of the kit has been made and assembled in the palette by hand for precision and quality. All eye shadow is inspected twice before shipping to ensure a high-quality, defect-free product.
Packaged in a black compact printed with the SHANY logo, this eye shadow palette set makes an ideal gift for a girlfriend, wife, or sister.
About SHANY: Sleek. Sexy. Breathtaking.
With a commitment to high quality, SHANY creates a variety of makeup kits, cases, and accessories. Offering easy accessibility to professional-quality makeup and accessories for at-home users, SHANY assembles and hand-selects every item in their assortment of makeup collections. All shadows are formulated with a natural mineral oil base and packaged in recyclable plastic. SHANY is a proud member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and does not test any makeup on animals.
What's in the Box
One SHANY Smokey Eyes (Set of 12 Colors).

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shimmers new red eyes
shimmers new red eyes
amazed at how difficult it was to swap her chips over. Its recked her eye makeup a little and her hair !
As Requested
As Requested
A macro of my eye makeup today. Except it looked a little boring, so I gave myself a rainbow iris.

shimmer eye makeup
shimmer eye makeup
The Shimmer
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