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best travel makeup
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my salute to claude renault
my salute to claude renault
i still don't have words to write about claude's images ... this one here, from 'chaitri norta' festival, is very much unlike his images, it only says how i feel about his work ... here is what others says about claude ... Soumya... says: "Claude is my favorite photojournalist who loves India the way it is and portrays the life of people here in very simple and natural way. I love his photos from varanasi, vrindavan, rajasthan and I try to learn more from his shots and the way he puts life in them. Thanks for being an inspiration to me and best of luck to your future work." 19th January, 2010 Emre Ucar says: "I am a fan of his travel photography. I love the way he sees the world. I respect Claude's work so much." 2nd February, 2010 venkylinux says: "I write very few testimonials. I am writing this one because I find the affection and compassion with which Claude photographs India and her people very touching. He photographs everyday life in India with the perceptive eye that only an outside with a strong emotional attachment to his subject can provide. I wish him all the best for his future travels in India." 10th October, 2009 N A Y E E M says: "I dont read books on photography or research about it but with flickr I am fortunate enough to come across a few great photographers of my own taste and Claude is surely one of them. And probably the most consistent on flickr. All I have is respect for him, the way he sees things and lets the world enjoy those magnificient colors." 8th October, 2009 Nagatta(???) says: "I think he is one of the most great photographer in flickr so that I alway bear watching to be inspired from his great stuff. All the best!" 6th October, 2009 Fernando Martinho says: "Claude is a master photographer. Very humanist ... his work is pure poetry." 17th March, 2009 >> Anne (pause) says: "The first thing that struck me in the photos of Claude Renault was the magic of the colours but then i became aware that it was also the perfect harmony of composition and his manner of structuring the space to tell one or more stories. Claude Renault has such a marked style that one can instantly recognise his recent photos as his. Portaying people he has met and emotions he has felt, Claude conveys what he has lived and seen in his own particular style, like a painter. Thank you Claude for all the images which give both a vision of the world and which have taught me each day what photography can be." 19th February, 2009 Sailing "Footprints: Real to Reel" (Ronn ashore) says: "Why have I waited so long to write this testimonial for Claude? I can't answer that but maybe I have been too sure he needs no testimonials, as each image is like a testimonial in itself. Yes i prefer film to digital, and yes digital can sometimes appear as if it has less life than film, but Claude's photo-stream is a sort of proof this is not always the case. At least it is not the deciding factor. The images breathe with life, and convey not only the evident love and attachment Claude has to his beloved India, but also convey a special feeling about India and, in particular the people, the "real" people of India, that touch the heart and mind of the viewer. At least they should, and if they don't, it is the loss of the viewer, and not any lack of ability of photographer. There are several photographers I feel a lot of respect for and those are, perhaps above all else not technicians of photography, but photographers with a heart. That Claude is both a photographer with a heart and a good technician is evident of course. I wish you well Claude, and may your travels bring you to what your inner self is searching for and, who knows.....has maybe already found." 16th January, 2009 Ravages says: "Claude doesn't need dramatic lighting, crazy angles, photoshopped backgrounds, and other paraphernalia to make his photos stand out. He just sees it and takes it, and the photos come alive all of their own accord. Beautiful India, beautiful people, great moments. And then, the person. Claude is so soft spoken and unassuming. And ever smiling. It's been an honour knowing you Claude. Hope to meet you soon." 30th December, 2008 Rohit Markande says: "Claude, is one of the major inspirations for me in Photography. He has portrayed India in a simple but yet so evocative manner with powerful compositions and lovely color, his images are not the typical extremes of India but the everyday India. To me every of his image is a big favorite and those are the images that made me an Indian who seldom went south of Delhi to travel to places like Benares, Pondicherry and Pushkar in a single year (for me it is a lot)just to see what he saw and to capture even 1/100th the brilliance that he has. Kudos to you Claude, keep doing the great work and showing India in a new light to the world." 17th December, 2008 rbcy1974 says:
Bloody broken car!!
Bloody broken car!!
Meredith and Chuss trying to travel to Galicia ;) Meredith: MBF (My best friend, SBL mold) Chuss: PA (Primadolly Ashlette, SBL mold)

best travel makeup