White makeup tutorial - Eye makeup for african american women - Mineral makeup for dark skin.

White Makeup Tutorial

white makeup tutorial
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  • cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance
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lips tutorial
lips tutorial
Here are 5 different ways to enhance lips in a photograph, depending on what results you want to achieve. A: Plain B: Enhance richness, but not shine. 1. Select the lips (I suggest using the Path tool and a small amount of Feathering). If the edge of the lips is too well-defined and sharp it will look unnatural, so the feathering is necessary. 2. Create an adjustment layer - the selection will automatically become the mask. Use a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer and increase saturation and darkness, OR use a Levels or Curves adjustment layer and pull in the darker and midtone values. C: Shimmery lipstick. Use 2 adjustment layers. 1. Using a lip-shaped selection, create a Levels adjustment layer and darken the area by pulling in the dark and midtone values. 2. Create a second Levels adjustment layer that pulls in the whites and lightens overall; set the layer to Screen or Lighten mmode. This layer should only mask in the highlight areas where you want glossiness. Try to keep some striations to keep it a little more natural. D: Glossy lips. 1. Create one lip-shaped Levels adjustment layer to darken the darks and midtones. 2. Create a second layer set to Lighten mode, and paint highlights on in white. Making the highlights slightly "blobby" with a small amount of blur will give a more liquid glossy look. E. Dark matte lipstick. 1. Duplicate lips onto another layer, set to Multiply. F. Glossy dark lips: 1. Duplicate lips onto a new layer, set layer to Multiply. 2. Create a new layer, set to Lighten or Luminosity mode, paint white highlights. 3. Duplicate highlights layer, give a Gaussian blur, reduce opacity of layer. Not shown: You can also experiment with the Plastic Wrap filter to create juicy lips - remember to set the layer mode to Lighten.
DIY Blood claw whore... 8/
DIY Blood claw whore... 8/
How to guide on how i did this I couldn't find blood anywhere in the shops around here so here is how to make blood that looks real, sticks well without running, dries and stays on all night looking the same.... buy from supermarket - jar of glucose syrup - red food colouring pour a few tablespoons of glucose syrup in old lid of a container, whatever doesn't matter really drip a few drops of red food dye in it and mix if its too bright add some fine coffee granules in it (just a little) to darken it up so its more true blood colour - draw your claw lines with where you want them with a eye-liner - get some grey eyeshadow and under the line brush the shadow on about 1cm thick to create a shadow - paint on with stiff angled make-up brush along the line, make it slightly jaggered and dripping in some spots - once done and you are happy with look, blow dry with hair dryer to make it non sticky and dry - add extra grey shadow if needed under and white eye shadow on top of lines takes about 15 minutes, maybe less as I took some photos as I was going :)

white makeup tutorial