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Wedding Makeup Trends

wedding makeup trends
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Wedding Sari B&W
Wedding Sari B&W
If this would have been a color photo you’d have seen that this wedding sari is beige instead of white. As I noted in an earlier picture, the colors are important here in Sri Lanka; Red representing that the bride has lost her virginity for the homecoming party, and beige meaning that she is not a virgin. This could be if she perhaps has been remarried or as in this case where they had been going out for a long time before. A purely white wedding dress is reserved for those who are virgins. If they started following this trend back home, I’m sure that there would be an unusually high demand for beige fabrics in the future ; ) --- Weddings in Sri Lanka are something that has to be experienced! People here spend enormous amounts of money on the weddings and they even take out mortgages on their house to be able to make it a really big one. There is a lot of history and tradition surrounding it also and I just love to go there to look at all the fancy dresses, flowers and happy faces. Last December I was asked by my uncle to come and help with a photo shoot of his son and his wife. They were actually married three years ago, but for some reason they hadn’t taken any photos that time. So instead they had a photo session now with a professional photographer and all the rigidity that goes with that. Wedding photos over here are very different to what we’re used to. I wanted to give it a more emotional feel and took photos during the makeup session and certain small things that I thought represented the feeling of the whole occasion. I’ll be posting a couple of them here during the next couple of days. Camera: Nikon D200, 50mm 1.4

wedding makeup trends