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Scene Hair And Make Up

scene hair and make up
    make up
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scene hair and make up - Mattel Barbie
Mattel Barbie Fashion Fever Styling Heads
Mattel Barbie Fashion Fever Styling Heads
With two glamorous Barbie heads, this set is twice the fun. Deck them out with over 40 pieces of styling accessories -- glitter, fashion stick-on gems and much more. Barbie heads can also be separated for individual styling. Each measures 12" tall.

Two heads are better than one--especially when it comes to styling and accessorizing them! Now girls can hone their stylist skills on a dual set of heads to compare their handiwork or make a masterpiece in contrast. One blond and one brunette make up the dazzling girl duo that are more than happy to share their included accessories if it means looking their best for the public.
The Fashion Fever styling heads come with hair clips, rubber bands, glittery scarves, rhinestone stickers, and glitter gel. There are two hairbrushes so that young girls can invite a friend or sister to play--and maybe even host competitions with. And when they tire of making the dolls’ heads look great, each of the trendy accouterments can be worn by them! From sporty ponytails to exotic upsweeps, there’s no end to the number of styles that can be created with the over 50 included pieces plus what girls might already have around the house for their own hair. Before you know it, styling fever will be spreading!

Fashion Fever Styling Heads allows for twice the styling options and twice the fun.

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Bibi Barbaric emo scene hair style blonde blue curly eyes make up
Bibi Barbaric emo scene hair style blonde blue curly eyes make up
emo scene girl hair blonde blue curly bibi barbaric sitemodel piercings eyes make up green
blue emo scene hair style sitemodel bibi barbaric from germany
blue emo scene hair style sitemodel bibi barbaric from germany
scene girl and sitemodel bibi barbaric blue emo scene hair style eye make up piercings

scene hair and make up
scene hair and make up
Disney Tangled Featuring Rapunzel Braiding Friends Hair Braider
Braiding her hair is easy: snap in a bead. Give hair to each of her animal friends to hold. Turn the handle to start braiding and then follow the directions to create a beautiful braidIncludes Rapunzel doll with beautiful glittering dress and shoes, rabbit, raccoon and squirrel figures, brush, 3 barrettes and basePlasticDoll 11'' H. Base 3'' H x 8'' W x 7'' DAges 3+Imported

Young fans of the animated Disney film Tangled will love braiding the hair of Rapunzel, the film's brave and feisty star. With the help of Rapunzel's forest friends and an easy-to-use crank-powered hair braider, you'll be able to style and braid Rapunzel's cascading hair in endless ways. For children aged 3 and up, the Rapunzel Braiding Friends Hair Braider from Disney and Mattel provides hours of enchanted hairstyling adventure.
TANGLED Featuring Rapunzel
Braiding Friends Hair Braider

Ages: 3 years and up

What We Think

Fun factor: 4 starts
Durability: 4 starts
Ease of assembly: 5 starts
Educational factor: 3 starts
Novelty factor: 4 starts

The Good: Sturdy, long hair and great accessories

The Challenging: Smaller kids might need help with the hair braider

In a Nutshell: An enchanting Rapunzel doll for young fans of Tangled


The crank-powered hair braider makes it fun and easy to style Rapunzel's cascading locks. View larger.
Help Rapunzel Style Her Enchanting Locks with the Hair Braider
Now that Rapunzel is out of the tower and headed for adventure, she'll need extra help managing her gorgeously long mane. Rapunzel comes out of the box in a pretty purple dress accented with pink lace and shimmery flower detailing. Slip the matching shoes on Rapunzel's feet, and she'll be ready for her makeover.
Rapunzel crank-powered hair braider
Rapunzel's forest friends will help you braid her hair. View larger.
Made of sturdy, grass-textured plastic, the hand-cranked hair braider includes a wood-styled crank and three of Rapunzel's forest friends: a rabbit, squirrel, and raccoon. These cute helpers can be removed from the hair braider after use to join Rapunzel on her adventures.
Hair Braider Creates Real Braids
Using the hair braider is a breeze, though you may need to help smaller children prepare Rapunzel's hair. To use the hair braider, you'll need the hair clips, brush, and small elastic bands. Rapunzel is secured onto the hair braider with the plastic stand that fits around her legs and snaps into the machine.
To prepare Rapunzel's hair, gather three bundles into hair clips, fold them up, and secure them with small elastic bands. You'll then hand each bundle over to one of Rapunzel's forest friends. The small pegs on the hair clips snap easily into the creatures' bouquets. Kids will love turning the crank and seeing the forest creatures spinning the hair into a real, pretty braid.
What's in the Box
Rapunzel doll with dress and shoes, hair braider with doll holder, three forest creatures, three hair clips, hair brush, and six elastic bands.