Professional Make Up Kits

professional make up kits
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professional make up kits - Wahl 79524-1001
Wahl 79524-1001 Deluxe Chrome Pro with Multi-Cut Clipper & Trimmer, 27 Pieces
Wahl 79524-1001 Deluxe Chrome Pro with Multi-Cut Clipper & Trimmer, 27 Pieces
Wahl 27 Piece Deluxe Chrome Pro with Multi-Cut Clipper & Trimmer. Multi-cut clipper with "Dura-Chrome" finish and soft touch features Comfort Grip with Powerdrive and adjustable taper control. Includes clipper, battery operated S-trimmer, 12 guide combs, barber comb, styling/flattop comb, scissors, cape, blade oil, cleaning brush, 2 hair clips, blade guard for both, mirror, spray bottle, soft zippered storage case and full-color English/Spanish instructions/styling guide. Comes in a gift box.

The Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro 27-Piece Complete Haircut Kit has all the tools you need to make haircutting at home easier than ever. Perfect for total body grooming, this haircut kit is used by a wide variety of people for their haircutting needs, including professional cyclists, swimmers, and other athletes to trim body hair.

The Chrome Pro makes haircutting at home easier than ever. View larger.

Exclusive Wahl Features
Exceptional even for its brand, the Deluxe Chrome Pro is quiet yet powerful. The self-sharpening, high-carbon steel blades stay sharp longer and are precision honed for accuracy and durability. The thumb-adjustable taper control allows multiple cutting lengths with a single flip of the lever.
Made For Anybody's Hair
The multi-cut clipper is made with a premium DuraChrome finish and an ergonomic design with a soft touch grip that makes it easy to handle at any angle. Also built with an easy-to-handle contoured shape, the compact trimmer cleans up necklines, touch-up sideburns, and trim around the ears (It requires 2 AA batteries). Whether you've got long flowing locks or a wrestler's buzz cut, the various guide combs makes haircutting easy, even in tricky places, such as eyebrows and around the ears.
Built To Last
Haircutting at home should be easy -- whether it's a slight trim a complete makeover. With its full-color English and Spanish instructions, you'll quickly learn to use this complete haircut kit to its potential. With a convenient soft black case for all the accessories, the kit is easy to grab and take it wherever you go. Made in the U.S.A. and built with quality products, the clipper comes with a 5-year limited warranty; the trimmer comes with a 2-year limited warranty.
What's in the Box
Multi-cut clipper with blade guard, cordless compact trimmer with blade guard, soft storage case, barber comb, medium comb, scissors, 2 hair clips, cleaning brush, blade oil, mirror, spray bottle, cape, eyebrow trim guide comb, ear trim guide comb, 10 guide combs, and full-color English and Spanish instructions.
The Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro Haircut Kit offers:
27-piece kit lets you trim your hair and body hair.
DuraChrome finish and ergonomic design for easy handling.
Full-color English and Spanish instruction booklet.
High-carbon steel blades are self-sharpening for precision and durability.

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survival kit
survival kit
here on the west coast, there's always talk of the "big one" . the earthquake to end all earthquakes. big one or not, we decided it's a good idea to prepare for any emergency, for us but also keeping aethan in mind. the idea is to be able to care for yourself for 3 days. we're still adding to our pack, we need more food and water, garbage bags, a utility knife, thermal blankets, matches and so on. but here's the beginning. i bought the kit from london drugs for just $39. I've been adding more things and we'll store it up high and in a central location. Not pictured are the photocopies of identification, contact info for relatives and a spare car key. it could be a reality that we'd have to leave home....if we were told to go to a shelter, i'd have to get aethan there for his welfare...the id comes in handy for that.
koi watercolor travel kit conversion
koi watercolor travel kit conversion
I recently decided to convert my Koi watercolors to hold artist's colors as I did with the larger Cotman kit about a year ago. The Koi kit is truly tiny, and can hold two tiny waterbrushes, which makes it very convenient -- though the tiny waterbrushes are certainly not my preferred way of applying paint. What is pictured here is my smallest sketching setup. All that is pictured (except for the keyboard, heh), is secured together by the rubber band. With a small watercolor Moleskine, the setup is amazingly tiny. However, I prefer the ProArt paper over the Moleskine, so that's what I carry.

professional make up kits
professional make up kits
3M 08963 Do-It Yourself Fuel System Tune Up Kit
A three part kit designed for the 'medium' to 'heavy' do-it-yourselfer to perform a professional fuel system cleaning at home. Contains 3M DIY Intake System Cleaner (PN 08954), 3M Throttle Plate and Carb Cleaner (PN 08185) and 3M Complete Fuel System Cleaner (PN 08813).

The 3M Do-it-yourself Fuel System Tune-up Kit is a economical solution for achieving professional mechanic grade fuel efficiency and performance out of fuel systems, at a do-it-yourselfer price. Made up of three quality 3M automotive products -- 3M Do-it-yourself Intake System Cleaner, 3M Throttle Plate and Carb Cleaner and 3M Complete Fuel System Cleaner -- together they work to remove carbon, varnishes at soot from all areas of your fuel system. This easy to use tuning system is useable by virtually any would-be mechanic and includes detailed instructions on DVD.
3M Do-It-Yourself Fuel System Tune-Up Kit
Professional quality fuel system clean-up.
View larger. The 3M Do-It-Yourself Intake System Cleaner being used on a the components of an engine throttle
Step 1: allow DIY Intake System Cleaner to be taken into the system.
View larger. 3M Throttle Plate and Carb Cleaner being sprayed on a throttle plate
Step 2: apply Throttle Plate and Carb Cleaner directly to throttle plate surfaces.
View larger. 3M Complete Fuel System Cleaner being added to the contents of a gas tank
Step 3: Add 3M Complete Fuel System Cleaner to a full tank of gas and drive.
View larger.
Increase Fuel Economy, Power and Acceleration
Because no engine is 100% efficient, carbon, resins, and varnishes eventually build up in critical engine components, causing a reduction in fuel economy, power and acceleration. Until now car owners needed to pay for a professional fuel system service to remedy this, which can be very costly. But now 3M has provided do-it-yourself consumers with a great new way to get maximum performance from their vehicles from the convenience of their own home garage, for less than ? the cost of what they would pay for the same results at a service center, with the 3M Do-it-yourself Fuel System Tune-up Kit.
DIY Solution in 3 Easy Steps
The 3M Do-it-yourself Fuel System Tune-up Kit combines the strengths of three quality 3M automotive maintenance products into a single fuel system tune-up program that when performed annually, or every 10,000 miles, will improve vehicle performance and gas mileage. These three products are: 3M Do-it-yourself Intake System Cleaner, 3M Throttle Plate and Carb Cleaner and 3M Complete Fuel System Cleaner. The steps involved in this process are easy to perform and can feasibly be done by a single person, but are more easily achieved with the aid of an assistant behind the wheel at certain stages.
Step 1 - 3M Do-it-yourself Intake System Cleaner: Follow the fresh intake hose to the outside of your engine's throttle body. Remove the hose boot clamp where it enters the throttle body with a screw driver to access the throttle plate. Insert the 3M Do-it-yourself Intake System Cleaner's attached hose past the throttle plate and slip the intake hose boot back on. With the help of an assistant, start the car engine while the work area is monitored. When the engine idle reaches 500-1,000 RPM, hold steady at this rate and spray the product's contents into the running engine. This process cleans intake manifolds, valves and combustion chambers. Use the entire can, which may take several minutes. Turn off the engine, remove the product hose and proceed to step 2.
Step 2 - 3M Throttle Plate and Carb Cleaner: Again, with the help of an assistant, place the vehicle ignition in the "Run" position, but with the engine NOT started, and depress the accelerator to expose both sides of the throttle plate. Spray both sides of the plate, as well as the throttle body with 3M Throttle Plate and Carb Cleaner. Wipe excessive cleaner away and/or let wet areas dry for a few minutes with the throttle plate open before you replace the fresh air hose boot, tighten it up. This process cleans your engine's throttle plate and lubricates key pivot areas. Proceed to step 3.
Step 3 - 3M Complete Fuel System Cleaner: This last step continues the treatment of all critical fuel system components. Add 3M Complete Fuel System Cleaner to a full tank, at a recommended delusion ratio of one ounce of additive to each gallon of fuel. Start the engine, allowing it to idle for a few minutes before driving it for 10-15 minutes. 3M Complete Fuel System Cleaner cleans injectors, intake valves and an combustion chambers while your engine consumes this tank of gas.
Key Features
Helps to restore power and save on gas mileage by cleaning air intake and fuel systems
Easy, quick three-step procedure is even more simple to perform than an oil change
Requires only a few common hand-tools and safety items
Detailed instructional DVD included with kit
What's in the Box
1 - 8.75 oz. canister of 3M Do-it-yourself Intake System Cleaner
1 - 4 oz. canister of 3M Throttle Plate and Carb Cleaner
1 - 16 fluid oz. bottle of 3M Complete Fuel System Cleaner
1 - DVD instructional video
Limitation of Liability
Except where prohibited by law, 3M will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from use of this 3M product, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential, regardless of the legal theory asserted, including warranty, contract, negligence or strict liability.
About 3M
A recognized leader in research and development, 3M produces thousands of innovative products for dozens of diverse markets. 3M's core strength is applying its more than 40 distinct technology platforms – often in combination – to a wide array of customer needs. With $23 billion in sales, 3M employs 75,000 people worldwide and has operations in more than 65 countries.