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Find Discontinued Makeup

find discontinued makeup
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find discontinued makeup - Maybelline Pure
Maybelline Pure Foundation - Creamy Natural
Maybelline Pure Foundation - Creamy Natural
Maybelline Pure Makeup is made with 50% water instead of oils, for a formula so smooth you can blend it on your skin with just your fingertips. A perfect solution for oily skin, Pure Makeup gives you a clean finish and won't cause breakouts. Available in light, medium and dark shades to complement any skin tone. Maybelline Pure Foundation. Maybelline Pure Makeup is a shine-free foundation with H2O is formulated with 50% water instead of pore-clogging oils that can cause breakouts. Chamomile and aloe extracts help to soothe and comfort skin. Oil free. 50% water, won't clog pores, flawless finish.

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MAC CCO Haul #1
MAC CCO Haul #1
YAY for the Hello Kitty nail polish! So glad I found it, since I'm trying to find every piece of that collection and now I'm halfway. And I'm really a weird person since the item that excited me the most is the sharpener (I'm a sucker for free gifts ^^')
MAC CCO Haul #2
MAC CCO Haul #2
Glad I found these beautiful shades and especially the Summer Rose beauty powder since the Liberty of London version was already sold out. I feel like I really have to depot them. Or buy another house. 'Cause there's no free space anymore -.-'

find discontinued makeup
find discontinued makeup
Atlas of Liver, Pancreas, and  Kidney Transplantation (DISCONTINUED (Atlas of Operative Surgery))
This is the first surgical atlas demonstrating preparatory steps by photographs! These operations are shown: organ donation (liver-kidney, liver-pancreas-kidney, kidney), orthotopic liver transplantation, segmental liver transplantation (preparation of a left liver graft, preparation of a left lateral liver graft, split liver preparation), living-related liver donation, heterotopic liver transplantation, pancreas transplantation, kidney transplantation. The photographs explain each important preparatory step, as well as potential variants and possible pitfalls. For each operation a checklist for preoperative preparation and postoperative care is included to allow a quick survey of the pre- and postoperative periods. "The book clearly explains all details of surgical technique and anatomy. The authors have restricted the text to a minimum so that the reader can gain a clearer understanding of the anatomy as each procedure develops...With the increasing number of organ transplantations ...more and more general surgeons have to be involved in organ donation...This atlas is recommended for all transplant surgeons and should be available to all general units where organ donation occurs." Transplant International, 4/96