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Best Make Up For Pale Skin

best make up for pale skin
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OKAY! So i've been writing a little bit again. I'm not sure how much free time you may have, but unless you're a fast reader, don't begin this story (unfinished btw) unless you have enough time! :D My inspiration comes from Peter Pan. Only because I love that movie to BITS. (: Enjooooooy! Okay, so I wasn’t long into my run home when my iPod fell out of my pocket and the town Pretty-boy picked it up. Well, thank god he did because I wouldn’t have noticed, and probably died without it. Pretty-boy chased after me for a while, shouting my name. But I ignored him, knowing he was an obnoxious guy who was suuuuper vain. “Dawn!!” He shouted continuously, making a fool of himself and dragging attention from the sidewalks. “I’ve got your iPod!” Pretty-boy shouted louder, which got my attention. I slid my legs along the ground, which cause me to slide to a stop. I stood, without brushing the dust off my legs from the ground, and walked towards Pretty-boy. He held it out for me and I snatched it out of his hands. “Thanks.” I mumbled and began to walk away. “Hey!” Pretty-boy said, grabbing my hand. “Do you want to go out sometime? You know, like…” His white-blonde hair swished across his face, as he said this, “Up to the lookout?” He made his brown eyes sparkle. “No.” I said and walked away again. Pretty-boy still had a firm grasp on my hand, so I didn’t get very far. “Do you even know what I asked? Or were you too pre-occupied by my sheer beautifulness?” He asked grinning. His teeth flashed white and girls on the sidewalk swooned. “I know what you said. And I do not want to go to the look out with you.” I yanked my hand from in his grasp and started to walk away, but before he was out of earshot, I turned my torso around half-way and said, “Ever.” then continued down the dusty road in a light jog. As soon as I got home, I was greeted warming with a sweet hug from Evangeline, my best friend who is completely gorgeous with nothing to compare. Her long, flowing blonde hair falls lightly around her shoulders and her pale skin is wrapped around a slim, delicate body. She has very little blemishes and always has a drop dead stunning smile when she’s around me. “Dawn!” Her honey-sweet voice said with extreme happiness. “I have been waiting for you to get home! I want to go through the mirror already!” She said in the sweetest little voice, but with a small tinge of impatience. I hugged Evangeline tight and nodded. “I’m so ready-” “Why do you smell like…” Evangeline smelt my shoulder, inhaling my scent. “Jared?” Evangeline’s senses were heightened so much, that you can’t get away with smoking, she’d smell it even a week later. Everyone’s senses are there waiting to be heightened, but no body actually realises. Evangeline and I are the only two that we know of in this village that have heightened their senses. I don’t usually notice things when I have my mind set on something though, so that’s why I didn’t notice when I dropped my iPod. “I dropped my iPod accidentally, and he picked it up…” I paused. “Then he asked to take me up the look out with him.” Evangeline’s face wrinkled up. “You said no, of course?” I nodded. “Can we please go to Evercrest now?” I begged. Evangeline nodded and took my hand, skipping down the long hall in our oversized house towards the dumbwaiter. We both crawled into the small space, luckily we were both small enough to fit into it together. I closed the door tightly and pressed the up button. With a few clicks and a rusty, broken sounding thud, the tiny lift began to move upwards slowly. “I hate that I can’t go to see Darius when you’re at work.” Evangeline complained, fixing her hair in the limited space that we had. I sighed. She always complained about this. “You know what I’m going to say.” She nudged me softly on my arm. “I can’t go because I’m not capable of walking to the castle myself. I can’t help if some guy decides to kidnap me.” She teased with a grin. The dumbwaiter rumbled to a stop at the attic. When we’d first moved here, the dumbwaiter was plastered over, but once, as children, we’d been running around the house as aeroplanes. Evangeline’s fingernail caught on a piece of wallpaper and ripped it clean off. Since our parents had left Katie, our older sister, in charge for a week as they went on holiday (and unfortunately never came back), we didn’t get in trouble for ripping the wall paper. Also, since the plaster was so soft, we were curious what the hollow sound behind it was. So, as the curious children we were, we got a fork each and dug in the wall. We hadn’t gone in the dumbwaiter at first. Katie said it might break. But when she’d tested it with bricks, she found out it was safe. Evangeline and I explored the attic for quite some time. I opened the small door and squeezed myself out onto the landing. Evangeline followed, but more graciously. I smiled up at her when she put her hand out to help me up. I took her hand carefully and she lifted me up. “Thanks.” I mumb
Vampira II
Vampira II
Maila Nurmi was the original Queen of the Modern Gothic. Vampira, her iconic macabre creation, influenced generations of filmmakers, musicians, artists and lifestylers. Sadly, she shuffled off her mortal coil on January 10th, 2008. She was aged 86. A Finnish-born model and actress, Maila had posed for Man Ray, Vargas and Bernard of Hollywood before being discovered at a masquerade ball by a TV producer. Her pale-skin and tight black dress complete with black wig and long, haemorrhage-red fingernails were quite unique in 1953. A year later, she became the eponymous star of The Vampira Show bringing a distinctive mix of sex, horror and death. As the world’s first TV horror host, Vampira’s sardonic wit and eye-popping hourglass-figure made her the ghoulish fantasy of guys and ghouls across the globe, despite appearing on a show that was only broadcast in LA. Every week the voluptuous vamp would unleash blood-curdling screams and utter puns in an exotic and alluring Marlene Dietrich-like drawl – ‘I am…Vampira. I hope you all had the good fortune to have had a terrible week.’ After her show was cancelled, Maila accepted a tiny fee to appear as the reanimated corpse bride in Plan 9 From Outer Space, a role in the unfairly dubbed ‘Worst Film of all Time’, but it was one that would ensure Vampira’s immortality in popular culture. As a star in the Golden Age of Tinsletown, Maila gigged with Liberace, dated Orson Welles, was friends with Marlon Brando and formed a tremendous kinship with James Dean, whose spirit, she claimed, haunted her for six months after his death. Even as lady in her eighties, she was an incredible bright spark, a feisty old dame and a terrific raconteur, recalling stories from the old days with childlike glee. Like her icons-in-crime Bela Lugosi and Ed Wood, Maila Nurmi died nearly penniless, but she left behind a legacy that will endure forever. Here's the article I wrote for Bizarre Magazine... The Lady is a Vamp I’m sat in Pioneer Chicken, a fast-food joint off Sunset Boulevard, deep in discussion with Vampira, the world’s first TV horror host. Maila Nurmi, the Finnish-born performer beneath the famous black wig and nails was a phenomenon in the nineteen-fifties. Her iconic gothic style, sardonic wit and eye-popping hourglass-figure made her the ghoulish fantasy of guys and ghouls across the globe, despite appearing on a show that was only broadcast to the Los Angeles area. Every week the voluptuous vamp would emerge from dry-ice studio fog to the sound of creepy organ music. She would unleash a blood-curdling scream and utter puns in an exotic, sexual, Marlene Dietrich-like drawl - “I am…Vampira. I hope you all had the good fortune to have had a terrible week." But this is not simply an interview with a vampire. Conversing with Naila Nurmi means taking a voyeuristic journey through the lives of mythological cult icons of fifties Hollywood. It seems that Vampira’s finger was firmly on the jugular pulse of the tinsletown scene during the beat generation. Captivating tales with James Dean, Marlon Brando, and Elvis Presley pour from her octogenarian lips, memories recalled with intensity and insight. Since Maila claims psychic capabilities, one can also add a touch of the paranormal to this Hollyweird concoction. She speaks of clairaudience, strange premonitions and visions. Most sensationally, it was such psychic sensitivity that found her haunted by the spirit of James Dean, whose death profoundly affected her. She’s certainly one tough cookie though, that’s for sure - strongly opinionated and gutsy. Before international fame, back when she was modeling for the likes of Bernard of Hollywood, Vargas and a young Man Ray, she still wasn’t taking any crap from studio big shots. Even movie mogul Howard Hawks - who discovered Maila performing a skeleton striptease in a New York show - suffered the wrath of Vampira’s razor-witted tongue, despite having just turned Lauren Bacall into a household name. “I thought he was stupid, so I tore up my contract,” she giggles, tucking into her rice. “I told him to kindly find a place for it in one of his numerous waste baskets.” Yet in 1956, her outspoken manner caused her blacklisting from the system. Broke, she accepted a measly $200 to play the reanimated corpse-bride of Bela Lugosi in the trash sci-fi epic Plan 9 From Outer Space. Irony, for this movie cemented her position in popular culture and led to Tim Burton’s marvelous biopic of director Ed Wood, one that cast model Lisa Marie as Maila. At eighty-three, she’s still hip and sharp like Vampira’s fingernails. So how did your famous horror host role come about? I decided I wanted to become an evangelist. I had to sponsor myself and I thought I needed $20,000. How could I do it? Well, television was just warping people’s minds, so I thought could do that - and they paid big. I thought I’d satirise soap operas, I’d take improbable people and make them do all these bourgeois thi

best make up for pale skin