Almay Smart Shade Make Up

almay smart shade make up
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  • Almay is a cosmetics brand owned by Revlon, along with other brands including Revlon, Ultima II, ColorStay, Flex, New Complexion, Revlon Age Defying, and Charlie.
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almay smart shade make up - Smart Shade
Smart Shade Anti Aging Makeup Light/ Medium, 1.0-Fluid Ounce
Smart Shade Anti Aging Makeup Light/ Medium, 1.0-Fluid Ounce
Women who want an easy way to find their foundation shade and defy the signs of aging.Almay's first anti aging makeup with skin tone matching technology. Contains: A blend of Peptides that helps reduce appreance of fine lines and wrinkles. A blend of rice protein, sweet almond seed extract and seaweed extract that provides hydration and help firm skin and pea extract for skin lightening and evening of skin tone. Creamy liquid makeup with dual benefit. Transforms from white to the ideal shade and provides anti-agin skincare benefits.Breakthrough technology with skin-sensing anti-aging beads that helps reduce appreance of wrinkles, boost elasticity and brighten skin.Oil free, SPF 20, medium coverage, soft satin finish, fragrance free, talc-free and paraben free.

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Smart Duck!
Smart Duck!
Check out the one duck sitting in the shade. It was 25 degrees and I'm pretty sure that none of them were wearing sun screen. Smart Mallard. Summer picture a day group # 6/92.
Almay Smart Shade Makeup
Almay Smart Shade Makeup
Liquid foundation that promises to magically transform into your ideal shade.

almay smart shade make up