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Natural Make Up Ideas

natural make up ideas
    make up
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FASH UK 2011 Series Cosmetic Brush Set with Leather Pouch, Nylon, 9-Piece
FASH UK 2011 Series Cosmetic Brush Set with Leather Pouch, Nylon, 9-Piece
Now get 9 brushes in a luxurious pouch. Just perfect for your professional or personal uses! Each brush is covered with a clear plastic so that your brushes will remain clean. This set includes a variety of brushes including - Powder Brushes in different sizes and shapes, Round and angled brushes, shadow brushes, eye definer brush, lipstick brushes, eye applicator, fan brush, mascara comb, lash and brow comb duo, and more! These brushes are made with all natural bristles and some synthetic brushes each made for a specific use. This brush set includes a nice snap case to keep your makeup brushes protected when not in use. We believe in providing the highest levels of satisfaction to our customers. Our goal is to strike a balance between price and quality and bring tremendous values to our customers. Quality Makeup brushes are the most important makeup tools. Our makeup brushes let you put on makeup with complete ease thus giving you the stunning look you have always wanted. A perfect brush set with your favorite FASH Eyeshadow Palette. We take pride in our products and we KNOW you will feel the same way. FASH has been loved by thousands and once you apply cosmetics from FASH you will not need any other brand. Why go to a professional salon, when you can now with the help of FASH Cosmetics give yourself a makeover for affordable prices and great quality.

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27/365: two-faced
27/365: two-faced
Sometimes, people can be two-faced, hypocritical. I tend to be more than not...which is not how I want to be. I want to "live what I preach." "...Hypocrites! For you shut the door of the Kingdom of Heaven in people’s faces. You won’t go in yourselves, and you don’t let others enter either." (Matthew 23:13) I thought of this idea a while ago, and finally I did it. (and finally I got batteries! yay!) I pretty much just did half of my head while getting ready and shot it, then finished the other side of my head before leaving. So basically, the right side is before make-up, before doing my hair... AND this is not two pictures in one, it is actually a single photo, just with a divider down the middle and lighting difference between the sides. ;D Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! <3 God's amazing. "Amazing love, how can it be?" - Amazing Love "Jesus, my heart is all I have to give to you, so weak and so unworthy it simply will not do...For your body that was broken, how can it be enough?" - Matthias Replaces Judas by Showbread
No, this is not a girl :D This is actually me with alot of make-up on. I still have white color under my eyes :D Anyways, you see this is actually a little bit different from all the other things I did. I really enjoy doing this. It was again so great to explore my limits editing pictures. I feel like I learn new things to photography every day :D Hope you like it. Oh and don't forget to looks so much better here :D

natural make up ideas
natural make up ideas
Shany 2011 All In One Makeup Set, Exclusive 3 Layers Makeup Set, 11-Ounce
did you know that all Shany's collection are made, assembled, cherry picked, and inspected by hand? There are no machine made eye shadows in this collection; each single eye shadow has been put in a palette by hand, as you can see in the pictures. Color rainbow has been the best selling brand in department stores and major beauty salons. Shany's product are beauty leaders in the market, as their pigments quality are always top of the line. This particular eye shadow kit is made after weeks of research on popular colors for cold and hot weather and for day and night styles. What you see is a complete deluxe makeup kit that every woman must have. We take the most pride in our product's quality since each single eye shadow will be inspected twice, before packaging, and before shipment. The colors are long lasting and will not fade after sometime unlike the other brands out there. Once you applied Shany eye shadow there is no need for reapplying, the color will stay until you wash it off. The variety of colors will allow you to do any kind of look you desire such as cat eyes, smokey eyes, bridal look and so on. Once u have this kit you can simply get rid of any other eye shadow kit that you have because you will get every color that you possibly need in this kit.