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Colorful Make Up Ideas

colorful make up ideas
  • Full of interest; lively and exciting
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    make up
  • constitution: the way in which someone or something is composed
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colorful make up ideas - Herstyler Colorful
Herstyler Colorful Season Straightening Iron - Blue
Herstyler Colorful Season Straightening Iron - Blue
HerStyler Straighteners are made with quality materials and tested to ensure successful results. Below are some highlights and features of HerStyler Straighteners. 100% Solid Ceramic Plates Our flat iron straightener is made up of 100% nonmetallic material called ceramic. This is a natural material that produces negative ions, protecting your hair from damage or dryness and maintains your hair's natural moisture. (click here to learn more about ceramic) Goodbye Frizz, Hello Beauty Watch your frizzy, crimped, curly, or wavy hair turn to beautiful silky smooth straight hair in minutes. With HerStyler?you can straighten, smooth and control frizzy or untamable hair for long-lasting results leaving you with the hair you always wanted.

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The Roaring 20's
The Roaring 20's
I’ve always found it very interesting how fashion changes, not only every 10 years, but every season. I mean, who gets to decide what is “in” and what is “out”? Did the people in the 70’s really think that SUPER flared jeans were a good idea? These are the kind of questions that I ask myself! Some fashion can be awesome and look amazing at the time, but then you look back and ask yourself…did I really wear that? This is why I decided to do my project on the fashion of the decades starting with the flapper girl in the 20’s and ending with the modern teenage girl. While taking my pictures, I may have exaggerated the time period a little much, but I wanted people to get the idea. Like I said, my project starts off with the 20’s, sassy flapper girl (Audrey Gerlach) getting ready for her show. Her dressing area is filled with makeup scattered all over to emphasize that she is in a rush. The next picture is a photo based on the 30’s. She (Audrey Gerlach) is on a staircase wearing an elegant gown. She is looking at the window for a reason. Although there were some wealthy people in the 30’s, most of America was in the Great Depression. Her looking out the window is sort of a symbolism for that time; you were either very rich, or very poor. The next photo is the well tailored 40’s girl (Grace Sullivan). You probably cannot tell, but she is outside of a church. I was looking for somewhere to take the 40’s picture that looked sort of “tailored” like the outfit. My next photo is the happy-go-lucky 50’s girl (Kendall Phillips). She is at a diner, enjoying her hamburger and milk shake. I think that the lines in this picture are awesome in that they lead your eye very well. I decided to take the next shot of the 60’s outdoors, even though it was snowy. I think that the white background of the snow puts more emphasis on the model (Madison Heaton) and her colorful outfit. My 70’s shot is a girl (Jen Norehad) in her room talking on the phone. This picture was actually taken at Flower Child vintage store in Lakewood in a room full of records. I think that the records behind her and all of the bright colors pushes the viewer over the edge that this shot is 70’s. All I could think about when I took my 80’s shot was “Let’s Get Physical.” The mirrors in this shot are at a cool angle because it captures almost every side of her. The reason that I had her (Margaret Sullivan) place her hands on the edge of the frame was to make it look as if she was pushing the picture away. This next picture is my 90’s shot. When I took this picture I was thinking about a mix between the shows Friends and Full House. I thought about what kind of clothes they wore and how in Friends they spend more then half of the time in a coffee shop! Also, the big coffee, Starbucks craze started in the 90’s. Things like turtle necks, over sized sweaters, big jewelry, and leggings were all in style in the 90’s. The final picture of my project ends with the typical teenage girl look of today. I think almost any teenage girl who looks that this picture can say; “Yes, I have worn something like that before.” Once again, I did put a huge emphasis on the technology use of our time, hence, the girl (Rose Sullivan) talking on her cell phone and listening to her iPod…but you get the point. Once I put all of my pictures together, I decided to put them in a scrapbook as if someone was keeping track of the decades. The reason that I wrote the titles in pencil and not in color is because I want people to focus on the pictures themselves and not the titles. I chose a very blank background once again to emphasize the pictures. The final thing I will mention is that I left in the many blank pages in the back of book to leave room for the other decades -- and fashions -- to come.
Making a new batch of 'dreds!'
Making a new batch of 'dreds!'
Wendy's daughter making a new batch of 'dreds!' Just walked into the kitchen, and thought the way the light bounced off of her reddish-orange hair would make a great photo. ps - check out her shirt - emblazoned with 'Stop bitching, start a revolution!' That is the slogan from a group called 'Zendik,' which is a really interesting group of people all into idealism and unity. Her and her friends are in high school and they talk about the ideas of that group quite a bit. This new generation is really out there - I never even heard of them up until about 10 years ago. I found it to be very fascinating reading.

colorful make up ideas
colorful make up ideas
Decorative Colorful Birds String Solar LED Lights
Add a decorative touch to your patio, yard or garden with these beautiful solar LED string lights. Great for outdoor parties. Solar panel collects energy all day to light your yard at night! A cute way to light your yard without using electricity. Turns on automatically when its dark and lasts up to 10 hours when it is fully charged. Enhance and accent your garden with solar power and save on energy! Total 9 bulb (lights), bulb to blub is about 10", each design shap of cover is about 2" width, total length is about 20ft long, solar panel 5"X5"