Classic wedding makeup. Revlon makeup brushes.

Classic Wedding Makeup

classic wedding makeup
  • an artist who has created classic works
  • Remarkably and instructively typical
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  • constitution: the way in which someone or something is composed

Left: “Bella” tulle wedding dress by Birnbaum & Bullock, available at The Bridal Garden, bouquet by Athena Flora. Top row: Classic makeup by Bellatrix Studio, "Bella" dress by Birnbaum & Bullock, available at The Bridal Garden, letterpress invitation by Bella Figura. Middle row: Bracelet from Macy's, bridesmaid dress by Madina Vadache, French pave ring by Ritani, available at EE Robbins, wedding cake by Tallant House. Bottom row: Cake by B&O Espresso, hair by Bellatrix Studio, chocolates by The Confectioner.
From Europe to Bali With Love
From Europe to Bali With Love
Combine west and east wedding in make up, gown and hand bouquet - Kamboja Flower and Jalak Bali Bird give the strong touch of Bali environment. The crown and white gown represents west while gold and magenta prada Bali represents east. As Indonesian, I really proud of the unique culture of my country, that's the reason i make this combination of make up, gown, hand bouquet.

classic wedding makeup