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Makeup Forever Hd Foundation Reviews

makeup forever hd foundation reviews
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Look 166-2
Look 166-2
2nd pose of look 166. The silver I chose totally overpowered the green/terquoise - oops. The coastal scents terquoise gel liner is more of a green actually. BTW this is the first day I tried my new makeup forever HD foundation and as you can see the coverage looks pretty smooth. I am definatly looooving it. I will do a review on my youtube soon. Coastal Scents Terquoise Gel Liner for whole lid with Original Beauties Factory 120 Palette Green #44 on top. Silver #66 for crease, under eye and tear duct. Fleshtone #63 for highlight. Coastal Scents Platinum gel liner for water line and Mac liquidlast liner in Aqualine for upper lash line. To ask live questions or just chat check my profile for my messenger usernames!

makeup forever hd foundation reviews