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Make Up Bags And Cases

make up bags and cases
    make up
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Incredible Swap from See Lori Sew
Incredible Swap from See Lori Sew
This most amazing package arrived in my mailbox today from See Lori Sew as part of the Pretty {little} Pouch Swap. Her package to lucky my included: *A beautiful linen and brightly colored zipper pouch. *An awesome eyeglass case with the letter "J" hand stitched on it. *A key fob made with my favorite colors *Some great thread in the brightest orange imaginable! *An adorable card of french nots that look like little flowers *And an odd little candy bar that is called "Idaho Spud." I tried it. I love coconut, so I like it. But as Lori said, it's a little weird. I am blown away by Lori's talent!
Day 52 - Get Personal
Day 52 - Get Personal
Thought I would go for something a little more personal today - my make up bag! Well, technically it's a pencilcase, but that's where my awesomeness comes into it. I'm not one for pretty pretty girly girly things, which most make up cases are, so I improvised. My card/money wallet is the same colours but with hexagons instead. I love them both! So yeah, there we have it.

make up bags and cases