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Cheap Professional Makeup Kits

cheap professional makeup kits
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    makeup kits
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My Makeup Kit
My Makeup Kit
When I need to make a more traditional zombie, I use Ben Nye products almost exclusively for the foundation and for all the little touches. My own style diverges from the traditional zombie kit, and I have a great deal of organic appliances and desiccated or charred flesh on my zeds. I use several of my own recipes--especially for blood.
Old SFX Kit (small edition)
Old SFX Kit (small edition)
I used this kit in the 90s for small specialized make-up effects productions. It's easy to carry and has most of the basics. I got this shipped to me from the Netherlands after having it storage for more than 12 years. A lot of the contents is still in good condition. I was expecting the foam pads to be dried up.

cheap professional makeup kits