American Institute of Parliamentarians
Northwest Region I
Biennial Conference, April 16, 2010

Call to Order

The Biennial Conference of Northwest Region I of the American Institute of Parliamentarians was held at the Ramada Spokane Airport & Indoor Water Park, Spokane, WA on April 16, 2010. The meeting was called to order by Governor Weldon Merritt, CP, PRP, at 7:04 p.m. Bob Joy led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and Christina Burris gave the Inspiration.

There was no objection to Christina Burris serving as Secretary Pro-tem, in the absence of the Region I Secretary, Grace Vera.


Governor Merritt introduced those seated at the head table: Christina Burris, Secretary pro tem; Roberta Jackson, Treasurer, and Bruce Burris working on the computer.

Governor Merritt also introduced past Region 1 Governors in attendance: Kevin Connelly, Paul McClintock, and Mary Randolph. Governor Merritt also announced that Region 1 Charter Governor Sandy Robertson of Victoria, B.C. regrets he is was unable to attend.


Maxine Alloway gave the memorial for John McLaughlin, former Spokane-Alyce Baker

Chapter #2 member, Spokane, Washington.


Following a brief stand at ease for rearrangement of the head table, Governor Merritt introduced himself and those seated at the Head Table: Maxine Alloway, Lt. Governor, Christina Burris, Secretary pro-tem, Robbie Jackson, Treasurer, with WSAP Parliamentarian K. Ann McCartney serving as Conference Parliamentarian.

Opening remarks were given by Governor Merritt.


Registration Committee Chair Donna El-Din reported eleven (11) voting members present and fourteen (14) guests, and moved the adoption of the report, which was adopted. Governor Merritt stated that the Region Bylaws provide that a quorum is ten members, and a quorum was present.

Standing Rules:

The Standing Rules were read by Mary Randolph. Kevin Connelly raised a Point of Information asking if Michelle McGehee, Chair of the Conference Standing Rules, is an AIP member. Governor Merritt confirmed her membership. Mary Randolph moved the adoption of the Conference Standing Rules as printed and read, and the rules were adopted.


Robbie Jackson, Program Committee Chair presented the Program and moved the adoption of the Program as printed. The Program was adopted.


Parliamentarian: K. Ann McCartney, CP-T, PRP

Timers: Ann Macfarlane, PRP, and Deanna Griffith

Governor Merritt announced that appointment of a Minutes Approval Committee was not necessary, as the Conference Standing Rules as adopted provide that the Board of Directors will approve the minutes.

Officer’s Reports:

Governor Merritt, Secretary Grace Vera, Treasurer Jackson, Board of Directors, Spokane-Alyce Baker Chapter #2, Capital City Chapter, #64, Electronic Chapter, #72 and North Sound Chapter, #74 reports were submitted and presented in the Conference Program.

Treasurer Jackson reported Cash in Bank, as of April 2, 2010, was $1857.74.

New Business

Governor Merritt stated the question on the following Resolution to Rescind Byalws and Dissolve the Region, as printed in the program:

Whereas, A revision to the Bylaws of the American Institute of Parliamentarians (AIP) was adopted at the 2009 AIP Annual Meeting; and

Whereas, The revised AIP Bylaws contain no provision for regions; and

Whereas, A proviso to the revised AIP Bylaws states, "All regions will be dissolved as of May 31, 2010 and any region funds shall be deposited with the AIP Treasurer by June 30, 2010"; therefore, be it


, That the Bylaws of Northwest Region 1, American Institute of Parliamentarians (AIP Region 1), are hereby rescinded, and the region is dissolved, effective May 31, 2010;


That the Board of Directors of AIP Region 1 shall take all necessary and appropriate steps to conclude the affairs of the region by May 31, 2010; and


That the AIP Region 1 Treasurer shall pay all outstanding obligations of the region, and deposit any remaining region funds with the AIP Treasurer no later than June 30, 2010.

Robbie Jackson raised a Point of Information: When does Region 1 no longer exist? Governor Merritt explained that the Region will continue to exist, and may act through the Board of Directors continues to act until May 31, 2010.

Paul McClintock raised a Point of Information: AIP Region 1 money goes to headquarters and could that money be distributed to chapters? If so, is that within the scope of AIP Directors at the annual meeting for a portion of funds for grants from AIP educational program be distributed while there is still a Region? Governor Merritt, in consultation with AIP Board Member Mary Randolph, stated that such a distribution was not an authorized use of the funds.

Paul McClintock then asked if funds could be used to purchase educational materials for the chapters. Governor Merritt referred to question Mary Randolph , who stated that this would be an allowable use of the funds.

Point of Information by Bob Joy: Why are the Regions are being dissolved? The chair deferred to Mary Randolph, who briefly explained that this was decided after many discussions this last and previous term, because members communicate directly to headquarters via the internet and not through Region. The initial function and purpose of Regions is no longer utilized by the members.

The Resolution To Rescind Bylaws and Dissolve the Region was adopted. Region 1 is dissolved effective May 31, 2010 with remaining treasury funds to be sent to AIP Treasurer no later than June 30, 2010.

Ann Macfarlane moved the following resolution: "Resolved, that AIP chapters of Northwest Region I are hereby authorized to apply to the Board of Directors requesting funds to purchase educational materials for the use of the chapter and its members, provided that such request is submitted by May 1, 2010, and that the Board of Directors is authorized to approve or deny such applications in its sole discretion." The resolution was adopted.

Bob Joy raised a Point of Information: Where does the money in the region’s treasury come from? Governor Merritt responded that a portion of the dues paid my members in a region was rebated to the region, on request and submission of a budget, at the rate of $5.00 per member. The money now will instead be used for road shows and grants to chapters.

Paul McClintock moved that the May 13, 2006 Region I Meeting Minutes be amended by stricking "Lieutenant" before "Governor" throughout the minutes in reference to Paul McClintock. There being no objection the motion was adopted.

AIP History was presented by Mary Randolph. When AIP was first formed Chicago was designated as Chapter 1, and Spokane as Chapter 2.The Northwest then became Region 1.

Governor Merritt announced there are educational materials for sale from both AIP and National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP).

Kevin Connelly raised a Point of Order: That the assembly should adjourn sine die after Special Orders. The chair ruled the point well-taken, and proceeded to Special Orders.

Special Orders

The Educational Program on "RONR vs. TSC: A Comparison of Selected Provisions," was presented by Weldon Merritt, CP, PRP.


The final AIP Region 1 Conference adjourned sine die at 8:28 p.m. A Dessert Reception followed the adjournment.

s/Christina Burris
Christina Burris, Secretary Pro Tem

Approved by Board of Directors                        s/Weldon L. Merritt, CP
                                                                    Region 1 Governor