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Hello! We are AiO! This is the new homepage, and is only temporary until we get a proper web server set up to host from. If you're new to the idea, we're a company based on systems design and mostly software at the moment while we work with the move between all the recent changes made to management around here. Anyways, we'll still be working on other things in the background that you likely won't see for a while, and possibly forever. You can check the 'Contact' section below for more information.The best way to reach us currently is by way of electronic mail, because that's easier and safer to check. If you were directed here from the other page, you can go ahead and let me know if I forgot something in the process of creating this page or ideas on what to do next. We'll try to be as friendly as possible, but it might be difficult to get back to you quickly, as we do have lives outside of this company (Surprising, I know!). This company is more or less a bunch of hobbies taped together in an effort to make us look superior to our failing classmates and co-workers. If you've got an idea you want made that's within our limits, please do send us an e-mail and we'll give it a shot! Hopefully you find this page satisfactory in terms of quality and content.


If you'd like to contact any one of us to work on a project, the best way to do so is to send us a contact with one of the following methods:

Contact E-mail Role Description
FAMICOMASTER Lead Programmer Founder of the company. Also manages this website.
TheArkAngel Programmer Been with the company for a very long time now. Mainly comes up with story lines, now.
Skippy Programming / Graphic Design A.K.A. SkipperDMudkipz, Been with the company since pretty much the very beginning
Talon657 Play tester / Programmer Generally writes up extra files of programs and makes sure they work. Most important bug reporter. Does program some games, though, most notably Steve Jobs the Virus. Retired
Gamemaster3k Play tester Been with the company all the way, now only tests games. Retired
Chorro Novice Programmer, Musician A person who was in a commercial once. Worked on his own game for a time - Composes music and creates sound effects now. Retired

Other Companies

This is the list of companies we have stable communications with at the moment. It probably won't be updated at all unless something happens with who we associate with.

Company Contact year Primary focus Website
H&JGames 2009 Level Design for video games Defunct Website
FlyHighGames 2015 Game programming in Unity Website
ArkAngel Entertainment 2015 Software development Defunct Website
Sovereign Industries 2017 Software development Website
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