Music To Sing / Play ALONG
Music, sound are the vibes of higher realm ... get nurtured by them :)
The site is for everyone who resonates to music vibe and beat.


  • Can you hum, sing, clap the beat, drum or play along with your favorite instrument?
  • Can you count how many claps are in verse 1, in Refrain?

Yankee Doodle... And with the girls be handy

... Mind the music and the step,
And with the girls be handy!

1.1 Yankee Doodle _ CC Guitar  / Lyrics (in new window)
Music - in public domain

Yanke Doodle, v.1

1.2 Yankee Doodle _ hard rock guitar  / Lyrics
Music - in public domain

Yankee Doodle, v.2

Amazing Grace

2.1 Amazing Grace, v-1    / Lyrics
Music - in public domain

Amazing grace, v.1

2.2 Amazing Grace, v-2    / Lyrics
Music - in public domain

Amazing grace, v.2

3. America the Beautiful    / Lyrics
Music - in public domain

America the Beautiful

4. Dance-Blues
Music - original