Head Coach: Petra Baker
Petra Baker is a qualified Level 4 USA Archery Coach. She is privileged to have been able to develop her coaching skills and knowledge of the KSL/NTS under Coach Kisik Lee at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, USA where she completed her Level 4 Coaching Certification.
Petra has been involved in the sport of archery since she was a young child. She competed throughout her childhood, bringing home many field archery trophies and, competing in target archery throughout High School she received many medals in the Inter-school archery Championships.
Petra has been coaching Archery for over 10 years with a special focus on the development of Junior Archery. 

Competitive Squad Coach: Julie Baker
Julie Baker is one of the Patrons of Aimtru Archery Club. Julie has 15+ years of archery coaching experience, A KSL level 2 (equivalent to USA Archery Level 4) coaching certification and a degree in education. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in coaching. She is an integral part of our competitive squads coaching team.

Assistant Coach: Olivia Hodgson
Olivia Hodgson is a USA Archery Level 3 qualified coach. She is also currently a seriously competitive archer. As a result she works with our entry level competitive squads so that she can balance her personal training and shooting alongside her coaching activities.

Apprentice Coaches:
We have a number of coaches who are working there way through there coaching certifications and learning the art of coaching. These coaches help with have a go sessions, beginners programs, and other coaching activities where required.

Some of these coaches are: Caleb Russ, Kerridwen Russ, Dana Austin, Katie Ellis.