My Class

I am teaching at Community English Program (CEP), which is provided by Teachers College, Columbia University.
This is my class website. You can see class materials, activities, and more.

About the CEP

The Community English Program (CEP) is a unique and integral part of the TESOL and Applied Linguistics Programs at Teachers College, Columbia University. It provides English as a second language and foreign language instruction to adult learners of diverse nationalities and backgrounds. In addition, the CEP serves as an on- site language education lab in which TESOL and Applied Linguistics faculty and students enrolled in the programs teach the courses and use the CEP as a setting for empirical inquiry. Here at Teachers College we believe that observation and classroom research are the best way to learn about how we teach and gain insights into how teaching might take place. Thus, we encourage observation and classroom research and want people to use it as a tool for learning. Ongoing assessment and program evaluation allow us to make the CEP a better program.