PicNic 1.0 (c) 2007
Add grass to Flight Simulator!
Copyright Aimé Leclercq (2007)
Install software: Jacky Brouze

For FS2004 and FSX SP1 SP2 DX10 Compatible
After the success of TreeX, it was logical to improve the ground of Flight Simulator. This is why PicNic was carried out. But PicNic is much more than grass! It makes it possible to improve the ground in general, giving to basic textures an aspect more contrasted and also while bringing more relief. PicNic functions on the photo-realistic scenes bringing an additional dimension to them! It also makes it possible to better appreciate its speed, making the flights at very low altitude more alive. The pilots of helicopter will appreciate the precision which PicNic during the operations of landing and drives brings indeed of ground.
Four grass textures
English manual: PicNic(English).pdf
Manuel en français: picnic.pdf

If you have a problem with the install interface, read this: FSX PicNic Interface Problem