FS2004 Terra Emergence Project v1.0  Avsim link (must be logged) +  Colorado color correction


30cm project - Forest:    Tropical forests    Seasonal forests    Conifer forests + Missing part
30cm project - Rock:      Part1    Part2    Part3    Part4

50cm project - Forest:    Part1    Part2    Part3
50cm project - Rock:      Part1    Part2    Part3
50cm project - interzon: Part1    Part2    Part3    Part4    Part5  - Update v1 to v2

FSX Road Textures No UT compatible
FSX River Texture  No UT compatible


FSX Spring Textures: Part1    Part2 No GEX Compatible
FSX Summer Textures: Part1  Part2 No GEX Compatible
FSX Fall Textures: Part1    Part2 No GEX Compatible
FSX Winter Textures: Part1  Part2 No GEX Compatible
PATCH Winter & fall (17Mb)



FSX TreeX v2.1    FSX sp1 (sp2 compatible)