Ann Strong Square

"The pomegranate square"

Julie H. Levy

Kathleen T. Carty

Ginette Belanger

Jay Campbell

Betty Salpekar

Hanna Burns

Ann Strong

Barbara McIntire

Ada Fenick

Dagmara Berztiss


Fun Facts



 Ann Strong hails from Olympia, Washington.  She has this to say about her square:

I live in a clearing in the woods.  M yhouse has many large windows and a sunroom where it is always a beautiful day.  I get my inspiration from the patterns and colors of the outdoor environment, as well as from the produce displays in the market.  I love pomegranates, especially their seediness and the contrast between the smooth exteriors and the seedy, bumpy insides.  The seed wishbone pattern (Charts B and C) reminds me of pomegranates and the Double Texture Cable (Chart A) illustrates the contrast between the inside and outside of the fruit.