Betty Salpekar Square

"The incredibly difficult square" 

 Betty Salpekar hails from Jonestown, North Carolina.  She has this to say about her square:

I have been knitting steadily and happily for over thirty years, though my hobby has only approached the status of a compulsion in the last ten years or so.  I've done a lot of knitting in 1/12th scale (1 inch = 1 foot) using needles I made from piano wire, but as my vision ages I find myself sticking mostly to full-size knitting.  I am more of an architect in my knitting than a decorator.  I find deep satisfaction in "building" a knitted item in new ways, or at least in ways that are new to me.

In my square, I wanted an unusual cable design for the center, so I charted part of the Celtic knot that appears as a cover decoration on Alice Starmore's The Celtic Connection.  I enjoyed devising ways to make those three interwoven "cords" appear to be composed of continuous, interwoven closed cords, too, and a classic Aran three-strand braid worked well.