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Julie H. Levy

Kathleen T. Carty

Ginette Belanger

Jay Campbell

Betty Salpekar

Hanna Burns

Ann Strong

Barbara McIntire

Ada Fenick 

Dagmara Berztiss


Fun Facts 




During some of the less challenging parts of the knitting I like to entertain myself by trying to calculate various interesting figures.  The title may say "Fun Facts," but these are really just rough estimates for my amusement (and yours).



Number of squares in pattern: 24 

Number of squares in my version: 30

Number of distinct squares in my version: 10

The 5 easiest squares: Ginette Belanger, Barbara Selsnick (didn't knit), Hanna Burns, Ann Strong, Julie H. Levy 

The 5 "most challenging" squares: Betty Salpekar, Kathleen T. Carty, Judy Sumner (didn't knit), Georgia Vincent (didn't knit), Janet Martin (didn't knit) 

My favorite square to knit:  Ginette Belanger

My favorite square to look at: Ada Fenick



Number of hours to complete easiest square: 8

Number of hours to complete hardest square: 12

Number of hours to complete an average square: 9

Number of hours to complete all squares: 270

Number of hours to knit border: 25

Number of hours to seam everything: 6

Total number of hours: 300



Average size of a square: 70 stitches/row by 75 rows

Average number of stitches in a square: 5,250

Approximate number of stitches in squares: 157,500

Number of stitches in the border: 31, 168

Approximate number of stitches in the seams: 2,485

Total number of stitches: 191,153