Finished Afghan

Julie H. Levy

Kathleen T. Carty

Ginette Belanger

Jay Campbell

Betty Salpekar

Hanna Burns

Ann Strong

Barbara McIntire

Ada Fenick 

Dagmara Berztiss


Completed Afghan

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It's finally finished!  The last feet of border have been sewn on, the last ends have been woven in, and the tension is nice and even throughout.

The completed afghan is a lot bigger than I anticipated it being (knowing that it'll be a bit over 5 feet by 6 feet and actually seeing such a large afghan are two different things).  Besides being large, it's (understandably) heavy; it weighs six pounds.  It's warm, though, and not too coarse, and should be a nice afghan for two people to snuggle under.

Scroll down for more pictures of the finished afghan.

Front of afghan, laid out flat.

 Close-up of front, showing seaming.

 Back of afghan, laid out sideways.

 Close-up of back, showing seaming and hidden ends.